Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Getting Frisky

Picking up where we left off a couple of weeks ago, with Chloe and Gabriel getting carried away with themselves, for good reason...

            “I couldn't agree with you more.” She sat up, straddling him, and undid her buttons, slowly, deliberately, as if performing a striptease. She casually tossed the blouse aside and reached for the front clasp on her pink lacy bra. She unhooked it, removed it slowly, dropping it to the floor.
He reached for her, but she stopped him. “Not yet.”
She unbuttoned his shirt as slowly as she had undone her own, her hands caressing his chest, lightly pinching his nipples, running her fingertips through his chest hair, savouring the feel of his flesh. She rocked back on her heels, her hands moving lower, lower, until she reached his belt. She unbuckled it with the same slow, unhurried motion, then unzipped his jeans. She slipped her hand inside his boxer shorts and smiled. “Oh, you're big,” she said softly.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snippet Sunday: World Domination

Today we're going with another piece from the manuscript, with Gabriel and Terry trapped at their lodgings in the Lake District, with not much to do but playing chess...

Terry smiled. "Care for a game?" he asked, as if seeing an easy mark.
I must be bored out of my mind to play that, Gabriel thought to himself. He came over regardless, sat across from his friend, and looked at the line of pawns. He glanced up at Terry, who seemed to smile in a way that indicated he knew something Gabriel did not. Oh, why not? “What are we playing for?”
“Nothing much. Just world domination.” Terry laughed.
“Oh? Just that, huh?”

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Snippet Sunday: As Punctual As Ever

Changing pace from our recent features with our lead characters getting all hot and bothered for a week or two. Here we have Gabriel meeting up with his colleague and friend Terry, a writer and historian. They're on assignment in the Lake District.

                    “Hello there, Terry,” Gabriel greeted his friend.
                    “Hello yourself, you young bastard,” Terry said with a grin, his Scots accent as distinctive as ever. He rose from the chair, extended a hand, and Gabriel shook it, smiling.
                     Gabriel made a show of looking at his watch. “As punctual as ever, I see,” Gabriel remarked, teasing him.
                    “Some of us didn’t have that far to come, so we left late,” Terry replied with a straight face. “Helen sends her love. She’s busy marking papers and terrorizing the second year students. She’ll come down next weekend. Have you eaten?”

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Foreplay And Preludes

Another passage from Same Time Tomorrow, this time picking up where we left off.

She cried out softly at the sensation. She was warm and moist inside, ready for him. He stroked lightly, his finger exploring, stimulating. She did the same, still content to keep her hand out of his pants, but definitely enjoying stroking him, caressing him.
Chloe kissed him hard, her tongue probing his mouth, finding his tongue. It was all he had ever wanted. No one had ever aroused him this deeply, this much.... not like this. He slid his hand back, out from her, and she felt it, looked at him, puzzled. He licked at his finger, his first sample of what she tasted like. God, she’s incredible, he thought. “Chloe,” he whispered, “We need to be naked.”

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Hot And Bothered

A passage again from Same Time Tomorrow. We're picking up where we left off a couple of weeks back.

Gabriel let his hands wander over her, feeling her welcome body on top of his, their kiss growing deeper, more passionate. This is where I belong, he thought. Her hands were wandering too, over his shoulders, down his arms, her arousal matching his own. God, I want you so much, Chloe… He could feel her breasts pressed tight against him, craved to see her out of the blouse, out of the bra, wanted to lick and kiss her nipples. 
  They shifted on the couch, and she moved a hand down between them, finding the hardness of his erection, her fingers stroking it even through the jeans, getting him even harder. He groaned softly at her touch, and slid his right hand down her stomach, finding her waist. She pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes, and he slid a hand into her pants, beneath her panties. First he felt the soft curls, the heat of her body, her bare skin… and then he slid a finger inside her.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Abandoned

Another passage from Same Time Tomorrow today. We're stepping away from where we were last time, since it's Father's Day. It's not quite a happy kind of post though, since here we have Chloe and Gabriel in the midst of conversation about her father, who abandoned her and her mother when she was a child.

He rose from the rocking chair, and settled down on the floor beside her, the photo albums open on the low table before them. She was staring at the photograph of her with her parents, and she was quiet. He spoke softly. You know, hes the one who lost. She looked at him, her expression sad.
What does that mean? Chloe asked. 
He never got the chance to see you become the woman you are. He paused, reached to her, placing his right hand gently on her left hand. He lost out on all of that. There was just the trace of a smile, and he held her gaze for a moment.