Saturday, May 21, 2011

Massages: Hands On And All Over

A pair of passages from our work in progress....

They returned to her place in the mid-afternoon, the apartment quiet, and she turned to him, her smile light and playful. Gabriel couldn’t help but smile back. “You know, we’ve got some time on our hands,” he remarked as they settled in.
“What did you have in mind?” Chloe asked.
“In the bedroom,” he suggested, nodding.
“You like to get right to it,” she exclaimed.
“Not quite yet,” he said with a laugh, taking her by the hand. They walked into the bedroom, and his eyes fell on the bed, his thoughts turning to what they’d been up to last night and this morning. Could I ever get enough of her? He shook his head. No, I can’t. Gabriel smiled to himself. Patience, lad, patience, he told himself, and stepped behind her, reaching up to her hair, undoing the braid, letting her hair fall down around her shoulders.
Chloe was silent, and he reached his hands around her, carefully undoing the buttons on her blouse. He gently slid it away from her shoulders, setting it aside on a nearby chair. Gabriel pulled off his shirt, and then drew Chloe close, one hand undoing the strap of her bra, the other coming around her, pulling the bra away. His fingers moved over her bare breasts, his hands stroking, cupping them. She groaned in pleasure, her back against him.
Gabriel let his hands slide down her bare stomach, settling at her waist. One hand unbuckled her belt, the other undid her pants. He slid them down, over her hips, letting them drop to the floor, and her panties went next. Just being in such close proximity with her body was more than enough to drive him crazy, and he let his fingers briefly make contact with the soft curls around her pussy, hearing her sigh in response. Patience, he told himself. He withdrew his hands, and softly said, “I’d like you on the bed.” Well, that’s the understatement of the year, he thought with a smirk. I’d also like you in the kitchen, the living room, the bathtub, out on the balcony...
She settled on the bed, and he gazed at her, craved every bit of her. He unbuckled his jeans, sliding them off, followed by his underwear and socks. He was as hard as he could be, turned on, and yet he would take his time, enjoy every moment of this... It’ll just take a hell of a lot of discipline. She smiled, her eyes inviting, and asked, “Enjoying the view, Gabriel?”
“Very much,” he replied. “Turn over, Chloe.”
She turned, lying on her stomach. “Like so?”
“Yes.” He sat beside her, his eyes wandering over her bare body. More than a hell of a lot of discipline, he decided. “I think you need a massage,” he told her, his hands settling onto the back of her upper thighs, starting to caress, ever gentle. Chloe groaned softly at his touch, clearly enjoying what he was doing.
“Just as long as I can return the favour,” she said with a contented sigh.

It didn't matter what he was doing. Just his touch was enough for Chloe. It was enough to send her to the brink of ecstasy. His hands on her naked flesh made her go crazy in lust. His gaze was enough to bring her to orgasm. Can't tell him that, she thought as he continued to caress her--and to her his touch felt more like sensual caressing than a massage. Don't want him to stop.
"You're incredible," he told her.
"Funny--I was about to say the same thing to you," she said.
"Turn over," he said. She rolled over onto her back again, her legs parted. Gabriel smiled. "Is that an invitation?" he asked as he gently massaged her fingers, hands and wrists.
She regarded him with a seductive smile. "For you, always." He bent down to kiss her as he started massaging her arms and shoulders. He moved lower, caressing her breasts. Her nipples were hard. "Any chance you might give them a massage?" she asked.
He smiled. "An excellent chance."
"Good. They're really tense, as you can see."
"Indeed I can." His fingers worked each one, driving her wild with desire. Her legs opened wider, an invitation turning to a plea for quick release.
"Now, Gabriel...please," she begged.
"Not yet," he said firmly. He moved away from her breasts and moved downward, over her belly, down her legs, deliberately avoiding her pussy. She moaned, wanting his hands there, needing them there... but he refused to give her that release until he'd massaged every other part of her. "Patience," he whispered. Finally, his hands made their way back up her legs, his fingers caressing the insides of her thighs, touching her there....
Her orgasm came almost immediately, leaving her trembling but satisfied. When she finally spoke, her voice was hoarse. "On your stomach, lover. It's your turn."


  1. They know how to have a good time!

  2. OMG!!! Is it hot in here? Open a window, quick! Oh, where's Chris when I need him and a babysitter?

    Very well done guys...Love this!

  3. Now, the big question is, would Ron Jeremy or Peter North direct the movie version of this?

  4. Now, this was delighfully done. Kudos, you two.

  5. I'm still in shock about the educational value of this piece....LOL.

  6. Educational, Eve! Ah yes, delayed gratification...**staring out the window whistfully**
    You guys are the best!