Monday, June 6, 2011

The International Get Naked With Someone You Find Irresistable Day

Recently one of our cohorts, Karla, wrote a blog entitled There's A Day For That. It played around with the various days of observances that are often dreamt of by a bureaucrat with too much time on their hands, a well meaning social association, or a wingnut with a loose grip on sanity.
Scarlett and I were thinking of other days of observance, the sort of thing we would designate. That is, when we weren't spending our time in carnal abandon, rolling around naked on the floor and....

Is it getting hot in here?

Anyway, here are some of our ideas.

Oral Sex Day, Tantric Sex Day...

Handcuffs Sex Day, Naked Twister Day, Safeword Day, Sauna Sex Day....

There's also Sex In The Opera Box Day. Sex In The Back Of A Limo Appreciation Day.

And let's not forget Sex At The Zoo Day. Let's have the animals being the ones watching for a change.

While we're at it, National Sixty-Nine Day, Doggy-style Day, Love A Dildo Day....

Scarlett! How naughty! And how sexy that is....

There's also International Deep Body Massage Day, and Vibrator Appreciation Day.

 Let me think about this for a moment. How about National Orgy day?

 Yes, we must have that put into official decree. I do like our concept of Voyeurism and Exhibitionism Day.

But then I love it when we show off...

Of course you do, darling. You are magnificent naked. Why would you not want to show off?

And you're a goddess in the buff.

Thank you, my love! I always like to hear I'm pleasing you.

How about Cybersex Day? Phone Sex Day? 

Very fun, very fun indeed. Aside from that time Sister Mary Katherine picked up the extension at that bed and breakfast you were staying at. I think it's the last time either of us can stay at a country inn run by nuns.

Of course, you know there's always Sex In The Snow Day.

And Sex on the Beach Day. Role-playing Sex Day.

Sex At A Picnic Day.

And, in Karla's honor, Make It With A Muppet Day.


  1. Okay, anybody else got any suggestions? Can we come up with 365 of them?

  2. Impulsive Sex Day
    Wear Protection Day
    K-Y-Aren't You Undressed Yet Day?
    Pleasure Day
    Kama-sutra Day.
    I can keep going, but I think you two are doing fine without my help.:)

  3. how about 'rocking under the Christmas tree' um, week?

  4. How about "Try Things from Urban Dictionary" day?

  5. Make it with a muppet day? You mean there's only one day for that? I didn't see any soapy sex day - an oldy but a goody!

  6. Sex in a Trailer day
    Sex in a Tent day
    Sex on a cliff day
    Sex on an airplane day

  7. Did anyone say Sex on a Kitchen Table Day?
    Or Sex on a Counter Day.
    Sex in an Elevator Day
    I've only done one of those.

  8. Sex on the washing machine during the spin cycle is a treat.