Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fooling Around In Other Blogs

We've been busy lately writing the book, doing all sorts of research and trying out new positions between the sheets... not that we need much reason for that.

Scarlett and I have also shown up in a couple of other blogs, which you can see for yourselves if you follow these links.

First, we've got another passage from Same Time Tomorrow at The Blog Entourage, where Christina posted it, and you can find it right here. It does get steamy, but then you've come to expect that from us.

And we did a guest blog for Beth at her blog, All Kidding Aside, about getting carried away with ourselves in the kitchen. Again, pretty steamy. Don't read it with that society matron tut-tutting over your shoulder.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Scarlett's calling from the bedroom. We're both... feeling frisky.


  1. Sometimes I think these two don't do much of anything else....

  2. With all that sex going on, how do you find time to write?

  3. All I can say is, I'm sending you two the bill from Molly Maid for the clean up. It's been back-breaking trying to get the flour out from between the cracks in the tiles and on the floor and on the island and from....ewwww, what is that???? Gross....

    LOL...Just kidding...hope you two will stop by another time...

  4. Traveling a lot these days. I'd tell you to pack light, but you probably do anyway.

  5. I hope you're taking plenty of vitamins to maintain that stamina. :)