Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck Of The Irish

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and Scarlett and I plan to be celebrating in our usual manner. Interrupting the St. Patrick's Day parade by getting frisky, naked, and up close and personal with thousands of people watching.

We've always enjoyed having an audience. And on St. Pat's Day, there's a lot of drinking...they probably won't remember us afterward. Or they'll think we were an hallucination!

We came across this saying some days ago, and it gave us both a laugh. Then it gave us an idea for Same Time Tomorrow. You see, though Chloe and Gabriel are now married, she still hasn't actually seen his home. Her best friend Dana has pointed out, in fact, that Gabriel could have a painting of dogs playing poker on his wall.

Instead, we thought this might be more appropriate.  It does suit Gabriel perfectly.

It does! So, one more scene to write!

In the meantime, St. Pats is upon us. Some will spend the day drinking. Others will spend the day singing old Irish tunes. Scarlett and I want to try out licking green frosting off each other.

Saint Patrick is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland. I just want to charm one particularly responsive snake-- if you know what I mean....

Oh, I do!

Before we go, we thought we'd leave you with this mistaken headline from Ireland... that gives the two of us all sorts of naughty ideas:

As if we don't come up with enough naughty ideas of our own! Like the Irish, if our eyes are smiling, we're usually up to something.... and that would be all the time! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! If you hear anyone crying out where's my lucky charms, well, that's the two of us getting a little kinky.


  1. These two have the same celebration for every holiday!

  2. LOL I don't think they'll ever get this book finished. They're too busy doing OTHER things...LOL

  3. They do get rather distracted, admittedly.

  4. Look, for the record, we do have a habit of getting caught up in.... um, is research the proper term for it?