Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fooling Around On The Road

No, that didn't end up in the bottom of the pool because of anything we did. Can we help it if the driver can't pay attention to the road instead of us having our way with each other out on the front lawn as he drives past?

We're off making mischief elsewhere. Devon Cooper is the author of Bad Day, a romantic comedy about four people finding themselves coping with the proverbial day from hell. Over at her blog, we did an interview with her. Check it out and comment!


  1. Is that your claim of innocence? That the driver should have been paying attention to the road instead of you two?

    A fun interview, of course!

  2. Hope the driver climbed out in time! Sheesh you two!

  3. Wow! This should be a good one! I love Devon!! And, I love James and Scarlett...the incorrigible pair that they are.