Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

In keeping with our last Six Sentence Sunday blog, we thought we'd play around a bit more with the coyote theme. Though most of Same Time Tomorrow is told through the eyes of our main characters and supporting characters, we have, on occasion, given ourselves a moment of levity and shown things through the eyes of wildlife, such as a family of coyotes who pass through the farm where Chloe's mother lives. This is one of those moments from the coyote's point of view, seeing Chloe and Gabriel arriving at the farm, fresh off a flight from New York...

The coyote had seen the car pull up at the farmhouse from a distance, had seen the younger couple step out. The female was related, in some way, to the woman who lived there.  Her cub, he thought. The male was a newcomer, had only shown up recently. I wonder if they’ve mated yet, the coyote thought. The two of them behaved in that way humans seemed to do when they were due to mate.


  1. LOL, that's funny. I often wondered if coyotes think about things like this.

  2. What animals must think of us, watching us up to all those things we do...

  3. We swear, the coyotes just started coming in and demanding we write from their point of view.