Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do Super Soldiers Have Time For Getting Lucky?

James and I have been discussing the virginity--or lack thereof--of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. I say he's still a virgin. James says maybe not.

Strictly speaking, we're talking about the movie version here, namely Chris Evans playing the super soldier in Captain America: The First Avenger, where the character spends the first part of World War Two trying to get to the army despite his frail health, and once he's been infused with a formula, ends up a super soldier. Complete aside: Lance Armstrong would like to know if there's any more of that.

Anyway, in films like this, there's always a love interest, and just like in the comics, she's Peggy Carter, a spitfire agent who has a thing for Steve. The feeling's mutual, but they're not around each other that much...

Being a man, darling, I suppose you find it hard to believe that Steve, now in his nineties (at least) but not looking older than late twenties, could have gone without for so long.

Well, it was the war, and if a guy was away from home, off in England waiting for that whole crossing the Channel thing, he'd have the odd opportunity to get to know one of the local girls in town. It wasn't the sort of thing you wrote home to Mom and Dad about...

I can think of a number of women who would be more than willing to remedy the situation for him!

It must be that whole shirtless thing he does after the procedure's over in the movie. I swear, you can practically hear the women in the theatre sigh in unison. And Peggy does look like she's ready to jump him right there and then in front of everyone in the lab.

But when might he have done the deed, my love? Just before he became Captain America, he told Peggy Carter that their conversation in the car was the longest he'd ever had with a woman. After that, when would they have managed to find enough time alone?

That is a problem. After the procedure, she goes off one way to Europe as part of her work, and he's stuck in America getting bored out of his mind selling war bonds by performing on stage for audiences. And when he turns up in Europe and starts the whole super hero thing, well... for awhile she's kind of annoyed with him.

That whole getting caught kissing a shameless flirt thing caught up with Steve, after all.

I couldn't blame her for shooting at him.

He's lucky he had the shield.
And then he had to sacrifice himself to save New York City...

True... but there's at least a bit of time when they kiss and make up after Bucky bites the dust on a mission. And before that last act of the film. I still say Steve and Peggy got lucky.

And if not... well, he's thawed out in the present day, and he's got some wild oats to sow, so to speak.

Actually, that particular idiom is kind of icky.