Monday, May 13, 2013

Sister Mary Margaret Would Not Approve

You can have your Disney World, Dollywood, and Six Flags. James and I have found a theme park with a theme much more to our liking!

Love Land is in South Korea... and it's an adults only place filled with X-rated sculptures of couples (or more) in many, many positions. Just the sort of thing that appeals to us.

And these sculptures even let you get up close and personal!

Though I think we draw the line when sex starts involving satyrs.

It's the goat legs. Rather unseemly.

From what we've seen, every position in the Kama Sutra can be found here. That, and South Koreans might be really, really horny.

Of course, we've done this sort of thing with much larger audiences!

I remember that time you were arched just like this sculpture, Scarlett...

I wonder if they have rooms close by... just in case couples get inspired. Or if they let people get carried away with themselves on or around the sculptures....

Only one way to find out!


  1. She might not approve... but Sister Mary Margaret would blush regardless, and peek through her fingers more than once.

  2. Since when do Scarlett and James need a room?

  3. Ha ha! Wow, that is quite odd. I do believe I'll stick with the Smithsonian.

  4. Now I know why an escort service summoned you. OMG! This is one wild park.

  5. No sign of Mickey Mouse in a place like this... so much the better...