Sunday, July 27, 2014

Snippet Sunday: O For A Kayak

We thought we'd go with a different theme this week, with the first sentences introducing our two main characters. First up, the first we see of Chloe...

The karma train had derailed.

Chloe Masters woke half an hour late and discovered a brief power outage during the night had shut down her alarm clock. She took a quick shower and started to dress. That was when she realized the red silk shirt she'd chosen had a stain. Frustrated, she pulled it off and grabbed a white silk tunic and black pants from her closet. She belted the tunic with a heavy black cord and tucked the pants into high burgundy suede boots. As she was braiding her long, dark hair, she looked through the bedroom window and saw the rain. This was no spring shower, but a torrential downpour that sent the pedestrians ten stories below running for cover.

Looks like I'm going to need a kayak to get to the office, she decided.


  1. It's quite a way to start Chloe off.

  2. We could use a little rain like that in So. California. :) Great imagery!

  3. Great intro. We learn a lot about her with just a few well-written details.

  4. I love her sarcasm. Great snippet. :)

  5. The day is not starting out so great... I think she better go back to bed.