Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snippet Sunday: A Pennsylvania Homecoming

Something from early on in our manuscript. This passage features Gabriel returning home after his photo trip to Europe.

Gabriel drove down the country road north of Philadelphia, farm country around him, low hills and woods breaking up the pattern of fields. I could drive this road blindfolded, he thought with a smile. His home was up ahead, and after three weeks away, he was looking forward to some rest. Coming to his driveway, he pulled the Jeep in, starting down the gravel path. He had a farm, most of the arable land rented out to a neighbour who farmed the hay on the fields to supplement his own supply for his herd. The bulk of the rest of the land was forest and meadow, a sprawling property that gave Gabriel at least a sense of peace. Even if my house doesn’t feel like a home, he reminded himself ruefully. He passed by the fields, just recovering from the winter, yet to be seriously planted, and saw the buildings up ahead.


  1. Terrific imagery & sense of something beginning.

  2. Hum, I wonder why his house doesn't feel like home and what happened to make it that way.

  3. Odd combination of coming home and looking forward to some rest, and the house not feeling like a home.