Sunday, November 23, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Coping Strategy

Picking up a few lines after our last post, we have this momentary conversation between our characters Rachel and Faith at the hospital. Rachel has just asked Faith, her maid of honour at her upcoming wedding, how her day has been.

“Same old, same old.” It was as much as Faith would say about the job. Unlike other doctors, she didn’t talk shop. It was as though she needed to set the reality of her work aside at the end of the day. Rachel suspected it was a coping strategy, knowing that medicine needed doctors who would fight that particular illness. “So, how’s Olivia?”
“Wonderful as ever.”
“We’ve still got the fitting on the weekend?”
“Of course,” Rachel confirmed with a smile.
Faith smiled back, pleased by the distraction. “Good.”


  1. Yep. Rachel will have to have the baby. Olivia reminds me of my agent--I couldn't picture her in jeans and a T-shirt, let alone pregnant!

  2. We've used Faith more sparingly as a character than Rachel.

  3. Well-written piece of important exposition...

  4. It's good that Faith has this kind of attitude.

  5. Nice way to show Faith's attitude. And yes, sometimes we need a break from our professions, even for just a bit. :-)

  6. Great 8! Wish my sister the nurse did that, I've run from the room with my hands over my ears more than once...