Tuesday, October 19, 2010

James: Gabriel's Blog

I wasn't expecting this.
My life is lived on the road, never home for long. I spend so much time travelling that my house doesn't even feel like a home. Why? Because there's no one there waiting for me.
I haven't really had a place that really feels like home since the deaths of my parents. They've been gone for years, taken away from me by a drunk driver. Since then, I've just kept busy, so much so that I've forgotten how to have a life.
I can feel it sometimes. I can be somewhere, taking a photo of some beautiful spot, and creeping in there is this feeling of being alone. Of being lonely.
Well, sometimes the unexpected comes along and floors you. It's happening to me.
She's had a hard time of it. Her father abandoned her when she was a child. What kind of man does that to his own child? Not much of a man.
It's still got a hold of her. It's still influencing her life. She deserves so much better then what happened to her. How do I get her to see that?

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