Monday, October 4, 2010

James: Olivia and Rachel

A passage from chapter twelve:

Olivia stepped off the elevator in her condo building, late in the afternoon, coming home from work. She and Rachel had plans this evening, concert tickets with the Philharmonic. It was an all Beethoven performance, a piano sonata, a piano concerto, and the Fifth Symphony. Assuming Rachel’s not in the middle of a long delivery, Olivia thought with a smile. She had been called by the hospital at five this morning for a delivery, and from time to time it took a lot longer than expected.
She walked down the hall, unlocking the door to their condo, and stepped inside. Rachels’ shoes were by the door. Well, she’s home. Classical music played softly in the background. She took off her shoes, setting her briefcase down, and moved through the condo, finding the bedroom door open. Rachel was there, appraising herself in a mirror, wearing a cream colored strapless cocktail dress, one that Olivia knew well, and fondly remembered from other evenings spent together.
“Hi,” Olivia softly called, approaching her.
“Hey, honey,” Rachel said, glancing back, warmly smiling.
Olivia wrapped her arms around her fiancee gently from behind, softly kissing her shoulder. Her short hair was nearly dry, and Olivia thought she caught the scent of that conditioner Rachel liked. “Busy day?” she asked.
Rachel laughed. “The mother had twins.”
“Good God… that must have been fun.”
“Honey, if we decide to have kids, you’re the one giving birth.”
Olivia laughed. “So noted.” She held Rachel a bit longer, just basking in the moment. Rachel’s parents would have never approved of them. They had been unable to accept her coming out, and hadn’t spoken to her in ten years. Her own parents, both dead now, how would they have felt? They had been distant parents, tied up with business and society, barely involved in her life. Her childhood had consisted of a series of nannies and governesses responsible for her upbringing, her mother and father rarely showing any interest in her. My family is right here, she and I, Olivia thought.
“Come on,” Rachel said softly. “Time for you to get ready, sweetness.”
“So it is. If we keep standing here like this, it won’t take long before I want to get you out of this dress.” Rachel smiled, stepping out of Olivia’s arms, and lightly kissed her, heading out of the room. Olivia’s smile broadened, and she headed over to the closet, thinking of that wine red cocktail dress they both liked. Yes, that would do.

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