Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tricks, Treats, Tasty Snacks, And Exhibitionist Ghosts

Once more, Hallowe'en is upon us, and Scarlett and I have had tricks, treats, and costumes on our minds, haven't we, Goddess?

I'm more than willing to do a few tricks for you if you're willing to treat me, my master!

I love that trick you do with the disappearing coin. One moment it's there in that delightful spot between your breasts, and the next, it's gone. Dare I ask how you do that, or is that a magician's trade secret?

I could tell you, but if you spend enough time there, tracing that place with your tongue, you'll figure it out for yourself!

Darling, that sounds distinctly like a challenge!

As always with Hallowe'en, it's a big holiday for us. We do so enjoy getting dressed up in costume. Not quite as much as we like getting out of costume....

Now, be honest...I know you love my Naughty Nun costume! And I love it when you don Zorro's cape, hat, mask and boots...and nothing else. 

You just want to get your hands on my... sword.  And I like getting my hands underneath that nun costume....

Lover, if you were a Jedi Knight, you'd have the biggest lightsabre!

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

Last year we crashed the governor's Hallowe'en masquerade. What a night that was!

I thought going as Adam and Eve was a very original idea. All right, the fig leaves didn't cover everything....
More then we would have liked to walk around with. At least we were wearing domino masks. The crowd did start getting hot and bothered as we demonstrated original sin by the fireplace...

Oh, and the looks on their faces when they realized that wasn't a serpent....

The society matrons were gasping in shock. The paparazzi were taking pictures of us.

How could they blame us for getting carried away with ourselves? We're so irresistable to each other!

Of course we are. That's why this year, we're going to spend Hallowe'en alone, concentrating on treating each other. I bought several large jars of Nutella....

Now that's more then a treat! It'll be messy...  but a whole lot of fun. I'll look forward to licking that off your exquisite body. Just the thought of licking it off you gets me hot and bothered, baby....

We're going to cover each other with it, then slowly lick off every bit of it!

I can see you licking some of it off.... your favourite part of my anatomy.

If you're passing by our place on the 31st, and happen to hear a lot of moaning inside, that's not some ghostly sound effects thing we're doing to scare people off. That's us, getting naked and frisky.

Uh, sweetheart...they hear those sounds from our house ALL the time....
Quite true.

And about the matter of there being any ghosts in our house... they get entertained watching us engaging in our.... mating rituals.

Sometimes they even join us!

Spectral exhibitionists. Of course, they were doing this sort of thing back when they were alive. Anais Nin taught them a lot.

They're exhibitionists, too.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got a container or two of Nutella to make good use of....


  1. OMG, open a frickin' window....geesh, it's hot in! Really, really, hot....!

    Where do you two live again?

  2. OMG--From Adam and Eve costumes to covered in Nutella! Yes, Scarlett and James are turning into Henry and June!!! Totally scrumptious!

  3. Boy, I thought it cooled down for Halloween. Awful hot in here now.
    One of your best blogs. Loved it. Yet another use for Nutella...

  4. James and Scarlett spend more of their time out of their clothes then they do in them....

    I dare say that this evening, the only thing they'll be wearing would be domino face masks...