Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fictional Weddings Require As Much Work As Real Weddings

Today we thought we'd talk about weddings, given that we're writing one for the book at the moment. This is an odd thing, considering that we didn't expect we'd be doing so... at least not a wedding for our main characters, until the second book. They hijacked the book on us!

It was Chloe's fault, really. Gabriel wanted to give her a perfect wedding...but all Chloe wanted was to marry Gabriel and have her mother with them on their wedding day. That was her idea of perfect.

And so here we are, arranging a wedding for them within a few days. You know, there's this joke I recall from meeting a fellow in a church one day. He said that brides would reserve the church three years in advance, this despite not having a groom at the moment.

That's true, for the most part...but not for Chloe. She didn't even think about a wedding until she met Gabriel. She's a girl who didn't need a Kim Kardashian wedding, just the man she loved and the people they both cared about, in a small, intimate ceremony with a lovely setting.

That's the sort of ceremony we should all go for. Chloe has never struck me as a Bridezilla, which is a very good thing. Still, small wedding or not, there are details that have to be seen to. Such as the rings....

And their wedding attire....the license...the preacher...the location...the gifts for their attendants. And we haven't even discussed a wedding cake or a (small) reception yet!

 Come to think of it... should there be a musician? It's questions like this that lead to big weddings...

Maybe a friend with a guitar?

Or a violin? Certainly not an accordion!

Definitely no accordion! A violin would be very nice....

So there are definitely things left to be seen to. Still, a quiet wedding's a whole lot better then one of those extravaganzas. It's much more meaningful.

Gabriel and Chloe both come from a place where they appreciate what a wedding is really all about.

It makes them much more compelling, that way.

And the good news is that they don't have to have a traditional wedding cake! They can have whatever they want.

Why am I picturing carrot cake?

Maybe because you like carrot cake?

They can have a carrot cake!

That's one checked off the list, and more to come!

Do we do a reception afterward, or just take everyone to a nice restaurant?

I think some nice restaurant, a country inn, that sort of thing... after all, Gabriel and Chloe would want some privacy for their wedding night. And they're not going to get it with a farmhouse full of people... not to mention owls and coyotes outside making noise all night long...

Maybe a night at a nice country inn would be a wedding gift from of of their friends...or Linda...or Bridget?

Yes, that would be right...

Now, the question is... how will Gabriel get that garter off his bride?

With his teeth, of course!

No hands, Gabriel!

Wait a minute... he's a fictional character!


  1. Ha! Try telling them, they're fictional characters!

    I still think you should give this book to Eric. Just don't tell him you're James Morgan until AFTER he's read it...and then enjoy the shocked look on his face!

  2. His expression would be priceless, wouldn't it?

  3. Are you kidding me? It has to be Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing! lol

    BTW, did you get any cake at my birthday party? Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. It's beginning to sound as romantic as any real-life wedding could be.

    I can't wait to read this book....!! I keep saying that, but I still have to wait!!

  5. And here I thought that golf pic would have gotten a reply out of you, Beth!

  6. This is interesting timing. One of the major plotlines in my Storm Chaser sequel will be a character trying to become a wedding planner for the main characters from Storm Chaser -- despite his total inexperience with planning a wedding, or even being involved in one himself. I'll keep you in mind for advice on the details!

  7. Beth--you didn't notice the golf pic?

  8. Beth--you should see the location we picked for it. It's beautiful! When you two are here, I'll take you there. In the meantime, here's a link:


  9. @Norma and William-Yes, I've seen that golf pic before...I think they even make a wedding cake topper like that one too...! BTW, I'm not opposed to trying that with Chris...LOL

    Can't wait to come see this spot...!!

  10. I tell everyone to elope. They go with the wedding anyway. They come back and tell me I was right.

  11. Couples who have the big weddings usually end up divorced anyway.

  12. And for the record, accordians are indeed listed as weapons of mass destruction.

  13. Well if they don't serve something chocolate, I might not come. And oh yes, violins! Lots and lots of violins!!!