Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scarlett And James Choose The Sexiest Stars... And There's No Sign Of Bradley Cooper In The Lot

Well then, once again People magazine came out with their annual Sexiest Man Alive article recently, and Scarlett and I were not impressed. While we're personally convinced that we're the sexiest people alive, we thought that we'd pick our own choices for the sexiest stars of the classical era today.

And they were oh-so-sexy. Not as sexy as you, my darling, no one is...but there were some fabulous stars back them. I'm thinking Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. I do love that movie--and Rick was so masculine, and so sacrificing...and his real-life love story with Lauren Bacall....

How can anyone not put Bogie in such a list? And mentioning Lauren Bacall is fitting... I always loved her strong, stubborn streak that came out in her roles. What a grand lady. Try to apply that phrase to someone like, oh, Megan Fox these days.

Oh, please! There's no comparison!  Megan Fox will be on Where Are They Now? or worse, Dancing with the Stars. 

Another real-life star couple I really love is Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. Word has it she was very smart but quite outrageous. He was great. Like Bogey, a real man's man.

Most definitely! I liked Carole Lombard's sense of comic timing in some of the classics. Sharp dialogue, a smart actress... how can anyone not find that appealing?
Going back, another name that comes to mind is probably best known for The Ghost And Mrs. Muir. I remember watching that movie for the first time and being so struck by the performance of Gene Tierney. I've seen her in other films, and really enjoyed her work. Headstrong and stubborn can be really sexy.

Promise not to laugh, darling...Johnny Weissmuller. Tarzan could carry me off to his tree house anytime. 

It's the bare chest swinging from a vine thing. Must be.

Have I ever told you how sexy you'd look in a loincloth?

Yes... and your objective would be to get me out of the loincloth. And since that would be my objective too.... hmmm, where were we? Oh, yes.

I'll admit it... I always had a bit of a thing for Olivia DeHavilland, who of course is still around today. Putting aside that Gone With The Wind film... can't stand that one... look at the films she did with Errol Flynn. Amazingly memorable. And not just for the swords and swashbuckling... the leading lady was a stunner!

Ahhh...Errol Flynn! I really liked Rock Hudson, but it turned out he wasn't my type. Actually, I wasn't his type. Cary about suave and sophisticated!

Cary Grant would probably have to be the winner among the guys. The consummate charmer, perfectly suave. And bringing up his name brings up one of his best leading ladies, the great Katherine Hepburn. Smart, stubborn, opinionated, dramatic... and very, very, attractive. Watch those two heat up the screen in something like Bringing Up Baby, such a great screwball comedy, or in The Philadelphia Story, where they have James Stewart in the mix. Sharp characters, snappy dialogue, and chemistry that's ready to explode.

And then Kate always did have tremendous chemistry with Spencer Tracy..

Tracy and, there was a star couple! She's my role model, you know.... 

She's a great role model to have!

You know, one that also stands out for me from the classic era has to be Myrna Loy. She acted with a lot of the big names in the day, but she's best known for her films with William Powell, and several of those were the Thin Man films. They were Nick and Nora Charles, always getting themselves into murder mysteries... actually, more like she was pushing her husband, an occasional detective, into investigating murders. He'd have been much happier figuring out the right concoction for a martini. She really brought a lot of spirit and wit to whatever part she'd play, and she had this way of smiling... the look in her eyes that said yes, my husband's a bit of a fool, but I love him anyway. I found it adorable.

Darling , that's the way most wives look at their husbands. Usually when the husbands aren't looking.

Yes, I do get the sense that's the way of it, goddess!

Two more men on my list, and are they ever HOT--Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. These two should be on the Sexiest Men EVER list! I would not have minded being in The Towering Inferno at all if it meant being rescued by those two hunks!

It's McQueen, Newman... two of the best there ever were. I'm sure a fair number of ladies were overheated watching them in that movie... and pretty much every other movie they ever did!

We were all heated up before the fire even started!

One more name for the list. I saw him mainly on TV, so I don't really think of him as a movie star from that era, but...John Forsythe. He made Dynasty almost bearable!

 I've only seen clips... but Joan Collins always struck me as a banshee overacting and chewing her way through the scenery, her co stars, and every single Girl Guide she could find.
Well, that's it for us... we have to get back to... doing some research. In between the bedsheets. Though we'll be revisiting the topic... or that is our characters will be revisiting the subject.


  1. Maybe Tarzan can take out the Joan Collins Banshee.

  2. Ah, Cary Grant. Yum! And, thank you, comparing Lauren Bacall to Megan Fox! Yuck!
    Oh and I love Catherine Hepburn.

  3. Wow, those are some great choices! I've always thought that Lauren Bacall had a wonder about her that made her exceptionally beautiful. Cary Grant had a handsome face that never wavered. But, I also thought John Forsythe was a very handsome man...And, of course, there is no comparison...Steve and Paul and Robert were/are still the handsomest men!

    Of course, they're no you-know-who!!! LOL

  4. Pay the cuss jar, Beth!

    How did we forget Robert Redford????

  5. Oh, how did you forget Robert Redford indeed! He was still super hot even when he got older...especially when he was older. He's so hot in Spygame!

  6. @Christina: Megan Fox is a Goddess. I don't care what you say! :-)