Friday, June 14, 2013

Musical Interludes: A Night At The Concert Hall

During the midst of our book Same Time Tomorrow (we're still working on it... we just get distracted, yes... that'll do), our two main characters, Chloe and Gabriel, go out to attend a classical music concert together in New York. We thought we'd take time out to present some classical music today. It's not one of the selections we use in the book, but we've been listening to this, and it's a beautiful and elegant symphony.

The orchestra is the Wiener Philharmoniker, the conductor is the late Carlos Kleiber, and the music is the Second Symphony, by the great composer Johannes Brahms.

Enjoy, and tell us in the comments if you've heard the music before, or if as a writer you could find yourself writing a sequence set during a classical concert.


  1. I will certainly be making extensive use of classical music in a future book, given that a character I have in mind is a renowned musician.

  2. The protagonists meet because of a message board discussing music...but it wasn't classical!