Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Risking Your Neck

Another short segment from our joint work Same Time Tomorrow, taken from early in the book, shortly after the passage we posted last week. This features Gabriel and Olivia at the same party where Chloe and Dana are present.

            He was more or less comfortable now.  Olivia had him with her, chatting with two editors from Putnam. Both women had seen his last photo essay for the Geographic, and both were highly appreciative of his work. “So how did you get that final shot in the issue?” Megan was asking him.
            Gabriel smiled, knowing what kind of reaction he’d get, and relishing it.  “Hanging out of a helicopter a thousand feet over the canyon floor,” he replied honestly.
            Olivia clicked her tongue in mock dismay. “Gabriel, risking your neck is one of those things I don’t really need to hear.” She said it with a smirk and a wink.
            Heather laughed at that. “Any other way to tease her?”
            “I wasn’t sure about the safety strap,” Gabriel replied.


  1. I love the last line. I'm not sure if he is serious or just yanking a chain, but either way, it's great!

  2. I love her reaction, great job.


  3. Gabriel has a bit of an Irish devil in of the things Chloe fell in love with!

  4. Gabriel sounds like a fun guy! Nice tight dialogue.

  5. Oh love the quirky humour in this scene.