Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Bad Manners

Another passage from Same Time Tomorrow today, from the first chapter, with Chloe having an off day...

She opened her umbrella as she stepped through the revolving door...and the wind promptly turned it inside out. "Crap!" she shouted, struggling to fix it. She stepped forward as a cab pulled up to the curb. She reached it at the same moment as a sixtyish man resembling a toad who made it clear he wasn‘t giving it up without a fight.
"Didn't your mother teach you any manners?" she yelled as he pushed past her and got into the cab. "Whatever happened to ladies first?"
"Hey, you women wanted equal rights, so you got no business complaining." The toad muttered something to the driver and the cab pulled away.
Chloe headed for the bus stop, muttering expletives under her breath. If she'd had a rock handy, she would have thrown it. It was on days like this she really missed life in the flyover....


  1. Poor Chloe...that day started badly. But then she met Gabriel!

  2. Starting off from a cynical point of view for her worked well.

  3. I've had days like that. And respond about the same way she did. (Although, having worked in a jail for seven years, I guarantee you I would have said something stronger than "crap."

  4. Toads seem common in real life. Loved the excerpt.