Monday, February 28, 2011

James: Six Seductive Sentences

We've seen these blogs elsewhere, and Scarlett and I thought we'd take our own particular shot at it, with six sentences each, taken from various places in our work in progress, Same Time Tomorrow. Here are six I've chosen from my side of writing the book:

“After all, the lady has no idea where a dog like you has been.”

"Someone who’d find those dimples of yours irresistible would be nice."

"This isn’t going to turn into the Donner Party, you know.”

Any time you want to get moving and bother the Netherlands or Germany, feel free.

As his tongue drove her towards orgasm, she moaned, running her fingers through his hair, calling out his name…

You’re my mistress… my lover… and I belong to you.


  1. nice choices. I love the last one - so much meaning.

  2. I really wish you guys had the time to post something on here everyday. It's the perfect nightcap!