Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cold Shower Award

Scarlett and I came up with the idea some time ago for the Cold Shower Award. It was after finding this little treasure of a picture.....

So what is the Cold Shower Award? We've decided that it should go to blogs whose current or future work gets the readers hot and bothered, aroused, and turned on... and not in that order. It's for those blogs whose contents are not safe reading for work, or might be given to adding on pictures such as the above.

Here's how we made use of that picture:

So, to start things off, we have three blogs we subscribe to that we want to give this to.

Romance Writers Behaving Badly is certainly deserving of the honors, given its track record as a spicy and sultry blog.

My Character's Lives is a character blog written by Beth, whose current work is leading into the steamy side of things.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books certainly speaks for itself.

Check these blogs out. Just don't do so with little children or the church elders looking over your shoulder. You're bound to get rather red faced.

Now if you'll excuse me, Scarlett's expecting me in the shower. And I don't want to keep her waiting....


  1. That's a novel idea. I'm not sure that I've seen anything like that before.

  2. Sounds like I'll need an afternoon to myself! LOL!

  3. :) ooops. Have to get to work now.

  4. Wow!!!! I'm so touched...

    I should post the shower scene that I wrote for the book (Wildflower)...it was a little steamy...(pardon the pun)

  5. I posted the scene(s)...so, check them out!!!

  6. Leave it to Scarlett and James . . .