Monday, February 28, 2011

Scarlett: Steamy Sentences

And so without further ado, Scarlett selected these sentences (creatively, mind you) from her own portions of the work in progress. Enjoy... and don't mind us getting naked. We do that a lot.

"Mmmmmmm.... And pay no attention to the window washer. He likes to watch...."

Chloe thought of the photographs in her e-mail box and felt the heat in her cheeks. I'm blushing, she thought, trying in vain to push those images from her thoughts. Not here. Oh, not here, not now! Aloud, she said, "Just this morning, in fact."

You idiot, she mentally reprimanded herself. He's naked. You just kissed a very naked Gabriel, and acted as though it was no big deal.

At the mention of the webcam, Chloe felt the blood rush to her cheeks. 

“I'll be your slave girl. Your every wish is my command.”


  1. Chloe has a habit of kissing naked guys, it seems...

  2. too good. just really good. nice lines to choose.

  3. "I'll be your slave girl." Lol! That's my favorite line, hands down.