Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs, Fondue, And That Time We Got Frisky In A Tub Of Chocolate Milk

Ah, dear Scarlett, here we are once again, and it's Easter. Shall we tell our readers about what we do for Easter egg hunting?

Think they can handle it, love? 

They might get a little overheated, and need a cold shower.

Oh, but that's a good thing!

All right...first of all, we do it in the buff. But then, we do everything in the buff.

Which tends to lead to us getting sidetracked a lot. I mean, it's very, very easy for me to get caught up when your ravishing naked form stops right in front of me and... sorry, where were we?

I don't know about you, but I was just thinking about how much I'm going to enjoy covering you in warm chocolate and....
Please do! That brings back lovely memories of last year when we had that dip in the tub full of chocolate milk. The chocolatier never let us back into the shop after that incident.

I've never understood why he was so upset! We brought so much new business into his shop. 

But since we do have that lovely fondue pot....

It comes in so handy, doesn't it? You think we should write it in the book?

What a perfectly delightful idea!

Then we must.

Now then, we were talking about easter egg hunts... before we got all distracted by nudity and chocolate fondue and you licking it off my... oh, my... getting distracted again.

I love it when you place a couple of chocolate eggs between your breasts....

And those sweet little Jelly Bellies fit so well in soooo many places!

Oh, yes... just the thought of where to place them on you has so many potentials... and it's really turning me on.

Remember where I put that butterscotch at Christmastime?

How could I ever forget?

Shall we give them a demonstration? They can't seem to take their eyes off us. Not that I blame them. We are, after all, outstandingly gorgeous...

I would love to give them a demonstration! 

Oh, this is so much fun!

Goddess, I do believe our audience is drooling. And not just because of the chocolate... ooo! I do love it when you lick me there...

Mmmmm...can't talk with...mouth full....


  1. Chocolate milk???

    Now I won't be able to think of it the same way again....

  2. No whipped cream? I think they make it in chocolate flavor now too. Just sayin'.

  3. One of your best! Having a hard time focusing on Easter now.

  4. I love it! I like the part about the chocolatier and his shop...too funny!

    God, I wish I could have some chocolate right now......

  5. For a while, whipped cream was taboo. A reminder of someone neither want to be reminded of.

  6. That's hilareous! Well, I can say from experience that chocolate is way too sticky and messy!

  7. You never said where they hid the eggs!