Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Steaming Up The Readers

A pair of passages we've been writing as of late; for obvious reasons, this is not the sort of thing you should be reading in public... or with the faint of heart or easily outraged close at hand.

You are mine, she thought, relishing the thought. All mine.
He was a sight to behold, strong, lean-muscled, all male. She caressed his bare chest, kissing him everywhere she found exposed flesh. She loved, craved the taste of him. She would never get enough of him.
Finally, she withdrew. “You're my slave,” she said.
“I'm your slave,” he echoed.
“You'll do as I tell you?”
“Always, my mistress,” he promised.
“Good.” she unzipped his pants and pulled them off. She took him in her hands and caressed his cock and balls. He was already erect, ready for her. But she intended to prolong the pleasure for both of them. She started to play with him, stroking, fondling, until he could no longer control it. He ejaculated in her hands. She smiled at him. “Very good,” she said softly. She started licking his semen from her fingers. “Mmmmm...very good....”
She could tell he was enjoying that, watching her licking it up like a kitten lapping at a bowl of fresh cream. Finally, she removed her bra and panties. “Remember, you have to do as I tell you,” she said, straddling him again.
“Always, mistress,” he said.
She leaned forward. “You may not suck on my nipples,” she told him, leaning forward so that her breasts were just above his face. “No matter what, you must not.”
She cupped one breast in her hand and lowered herself, teasing him as she brushed it back and forth across his lips. She could feel his tongue occasionally lapping at it. “You're not obeying me,” she said firmly.
“I can't help myself, mistress,” he defended himself.
“Do as I tell you, and I'll reward you for your obedience.”
“I'll try.”
She teased him, first with one breast, then with the other. Finally, his willpower gone, he captured one nipple in his mouth and suckled it fiercely. She started to laugh, allowing him to take his pleasure—and hers. She pulled back, than kissed him. “I like being irresistible to you,” she told him, “so I suppose to reprimand you for it would only be punishing myself.”
“Am I to be rewarded anyway, then?” he asked.
“I think so, yes.” She moved upward, straddling his face. Supporting her weight on her hands, she lowered herself so that he could easily reach her with his mouth. “Take your time, my slave,” she instructed. By the time he was finished, he'd be ready again...for her to do the same to him....

He loved how bold she was. He loved surrendering control to her. Gabriel began to kiss the front of her legs, taking his time, revelling in the moment. On the one hand, he wanted to reach out with his hands, stroke her body, drive her to orgasm with his fingers, knead her breasts as his tongue pleasured her… and on the other… being tied up had its own excitement, a pleasure coursing through him. She groaned as he peppered her with kisses, his mouth moving to the soft curls of pubic hair, his nose catching the welcome scent of her…
I love you, he thought. He remembered her remark earlier, comparing him to a Greek god. And she’s a goddess… and I worship her. His tongue stroked, felt the moistness, the heat. Her clit was tender, and as his tongue made contact, she cried out, her body trembling. She seemed to steady herself, and he drove his tongue inside. Chloe groaned again at the contact, while Gabriel stroked into her pussy, tasting the moist heat, the juice… God, she’s incredible, he thought, his tongue stroking, savouring the taste of her.
“Gabriel….” Her voice was full of desire, and he knew she was close. Her legs trembled against him, and her tone was more insistent, more immediate… He would never get enough of her, was addicted to the taste of her, the way their bodies melded together… Gabriel kept stroking with his tongue, as deep into her pussy as he could, and her body pulse. Chloe cried out as she climaxed, calling out his name.


  1. OH. MY. GOD!!! The freakin' windows are fogged up in here...!
    Ok, I resign...I think you two are the king and queen of erotic...mine are just steamy...yours are HOT!!!

    I've got a lot to learn...

  2. Did you peek into my bedroom window?

  3. Writing these passages requires a great deal of... to put it mildly, remaining seated for awhile at a desk after reading.

    It was definitely a lot of fun!

  4. Gabriel likes being tied up, by the way....

  5. You two are quite the team when it comes to these passages. Kudos on this.

  6. Wow. I feel really relaxed just like after an orgasm. Lol. Finally you guys posted an experpt!!! I can't tell you how pissed I get when I see a new link only to find it's a short post that is not an exerpt from the work in progress! Not that all the posts aren't extremely entertaining.;)

  7. I was thinking of printing this and posting it on my boss's office door. Problem is, she'll figure I did it.