Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Once more, a group of sentences from our first novel together, Same Time, Tomorrow; the first trio is from Scarlett, and the second trio is from James....

The karma train had derailed.

Looks like I'm going to need a kayak to get to the office, she decided.

The taxi driver shouted at her in a language she didn't understand. She responded with a single-finger salute and kept walking.


“After all, the lady has no idea where a dog like you has been.”

“I can tickle it out of you, you know.”

Gabriel let his hands wander over her, feeling her welcome body on top of his, their kiss growing deeper, more passionate.


  1. You two - shining stars are what you are. Love all the comments.

  2. @Beth: the last one takes place in a very, very, steamy chapter, most of which features Gabriel and Chloe in a state of undress...

  3. "Looks like the karma train derailed."

    I'm going to use that in conversation. I'll quote you.

  4. @William-Mmmmmm, steamy....I like steamy undress...