Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Olivia And Rachel Take The Underwear Challenge

Now then, while Scarlett's busy having Dana, our character from Same Time Tomorrow, answer this set of questions (with help from her cat), it falls to me to introduce to you Olivia Shaw and Rachel Mitchell, another of our two supporting characters. Olivia and Rachel are close friends with Gabriel Miller, and are engaged to be married. Before we get started, how are the wedding plans?

Olivia: Hectic, if you must know. Lots to do and so little time. We've been with the caterer just today going over menus.

Rachel: You're our writer. One of them anyway. You're supposed to already know how the wedding plans are going, James.

Well, that's true. I'll just say this... having characters break the Fourth Wall can get a little silly.

Rachel: Just a little silly?

Shall we get started?

Olivia: Gladly.

Okay, this is the underwear challenge. It's been going around several blogs in the last little while, and Scarlett and I have already done this ourselves...

Rachel: And gotten carried away with yourselves.

Olivia: Yes, we read it. Honestly, how do you get anything done with all that sex going on?

It's kind of complicated. And of course we've also had Gabriel and Chloe answer these questions.

Olivia: We've seen Gabriel without his underwear on.

Rachel: Don't you start getting any ideas through that head of yours.

Did I say anything?

Olivia: You were thinking it.

Rachel: It wasn't like that at all. We just happened to see a photo of Gabriel in the buff on Chloe's phone.

Olivia: Honey, maybe we ought to get hold of Gabriel's phone. I'm sure he has a naked picture of Chloe...

Are you two going to keep at this all day?

Olivia: We might.

Rachel: Okay, okay, we'll behave.

Olivia: For the moment.

1. What do you call your underwear/undergarments? Do you have any commonly used nicknames for them?

Olivia: I call them knickers. It's the English lass in me. They're panties, of course. You won't catch me wearing anything less stylish.

Rachel: Panties. Thongs, when I'm feeling daring.

Olivia: Feeling daring right now, darling?

2. Have you ever had that supposedly common dream of being in a crowded place in only your underwear?

Rachel: You know, I had a strange dream like that once. I was in the maternity ward, helping bring this baby into the world. The mother was screaming her head off, clobbering the father, and the nurses and I were all in bras and panties. What do you suppose that means?

Olivia: That you shouldn't have pizza after ten, sweetie.

What about you, Olivia?

Olivia: Oh, of course I've had that dream. For me, it's being at a party. Everyone else is dressed formally. Not me thought. All that I'm wearing is that dark red set of bra and panties, you know, the ones you like so much on me?

Rachel: They compliment your exquisite body so well, honey. Just the thought of it....

*Rachel nuzzles Olivia's neck.*

Would you two like me to leave?

Rachel: No, let's just carry on. Finish the questions.

3. What is the worst thing you can think of to make underwear out of?

Olivia: Sandpaper.

Rachel: Mosquito tape.

4. If you were a pair of panties, what colour would you be?

Rachel: Red. Bold and passionate. Just as long as I could be her panties.

Olivia: Oh, baby, you know I love it when you talk like that... As to me, I'd have to be a deep tan. Tan contrasts beautifully with Rachel's skin, and like she says... I'd have to be her panties too.

This is getting weird.

Rachel: James, it passed weird when you broke through the Fourth Wall.

5. Have you ever thrown your underwear at a rock star or other celebrity? If so, which one(s)? If not, which one(s) WOULD you throw your underwear at, given the opportunity?

Olivia: Melissa Etheridge.

Rachel: We've both tossed our panties at her.

Olivia: Can you blame us?

6. You're out of clean underwear. What do you do?

Olivia: A girl just might have to go commando for a day under such circumstances.

Rachel: If it has to be done, it has to be done. Go commando.

7. Are you old enough to remember Underroos? If so, did you have any? Which ones?

Rachel: Is that an American thing?

Olivia: I've heard of them, but I didn't grow up here, so...

Rachel: Neither did I. Next question, James.

8. If you could have any message printed on your underwear, what would it be?

Olivia: I would think that Red Hot comes to mind.

Rachel: You are red hot.

Olivia: You get me that way.

*Olivia nuzzles Rachel's neck.

Rachel? What about you?

Rachel: Oh, Cuddles, I love it when you... oh, right. Um, let's see, since I am a doctor... how about Love Doctor on my panties?

Olivia: Care to give me a thorough examination, Doctor?

9. How many bloggers does it take to put panties on a goat?

Olivia: Honestly, what kind of question is that?

Rachel: What did a goat do to deserve getting teased?

It's just a question.

Olivia: A rather juvenile kind of question, James.

Rachel: Yes, and we can't say we approve of it.

Olivia: Now, if you'll excuse us, we have the florist coming over to discuss the arrangements in an hour.

Rachel: And we'd kind of like to get some quality one on one time in before then.

I'm being kicked out by my own characters?

Olivia: Yes, you are. That's what you get for teasing a goat.


  1. It looks like Melissa Etheridge is the only one keeping her clothes on. (I love that sunset photo. Great image.)

    Those two are soooo funny!

  2. Daring and controversial post. Olivia, Rachel and Melissa. Yikes! Not my visual, but I think the banter is excellent!

  3. Oh, this was good...and you gave us a little clue about the wedding...Nice! Love it!

  4. Too funny! Very good. Sure makes the book interesting.