Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today, from Same Time Tomorrow, we have a Six Sentence Sunday blog...

          "I think faith means taking whatever comes and continuing to believe," Gabriel said gently.
          "Well, that sucks!" She was angry. She was angry at her mother for not having chemotherapy, angry at God for not giving them a miracle, and at herself for not being there enough for her mother the past few years, for not being able to give her new husband the honeymoon he deserved.
          He held her close. "It's all right to be angry," he told her.


  1. Wow! Just six sentences made for a moving moment of this story. I understand that it can take only a few sentences to say so much and make moving situations be expressed, well. And that is certainly shown, well, here, of moving and sad moment of your wonderful story of your wonderful book by these six sentences. I most definitely want to read all of it.

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  3. Now, getting it finished, that's the challenge....

  4. Those six sentences are a story in themselves. Reminds me of the QPB contests in which writers must tell a story in 50 words -- 50 words exactly.

    Nice job!

  5. Now that's a man who knows how to listen!