Saturday, December 22, 2012

Six Sentence Saturday

Today we're going with our usual Six Sentence Sunday a day early, seeing as how we have plans for something on Christmas Eve as well here in our pages. In case you're wondering if we might have gotten our days mixed up. We plan on doing the same next week for the end of the year.

The star of this week's Sentences is Chloe's best friend and maid of honor, Dana Butler, who's stolen the show several times in the course of the novel...usually with her escapades with wildlife. Here, she makes a realization about her feelings regarding Gabriel and Chloe's marriage....

Dana was fighting back tears...not because she was one to get overly emotional at weddings, or even that she was happy for her friends—though she was happy for them---but because she suddenly realized that in a few short minutes, she would have no single friends left. No one to join her on the manhunts. No one to talk into those pathetic singles weekends. If there's another great flood, I'll be the one standing on the dock when the Ark sets sail. No singles allowed, only pairs.

I've got to find myself a mate, for crying out loud!


  1. Hahaha, now I could write up a whole sixty sentence reply on how singles are very desirable and being single a state of blissful freedom. But I best keep it at, very nice post. :-)

  2. Dana has to get a guy...eventually.

  3. Writing Dana actually ends up being a lot of fun!

  4. Dana will get a guy eventually... though she might have to bypass herds of elephants in the way.