Sunday, December 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today we have another passage from Same Time Tomorrow, this one set in the Lake District in Great Britain, during a storm. During the story, Gabriel is on assignment as a photographer in the area for a few weeks, spending time working with a colleague and friend, a writer named Terry. Terry is something of a rascal, which of course makes him fun to write.

In this scene, the storm is just starting to influence the area, and it has already cut off phone contact to the outside world.. Terry and Gabriel find themselves stranded for awhile at their lodgings, where they find themselves trying to stay occupied as the weather goes from bad to worse (this is England, remember, so rain's to be expected)...

            “It’s a couple of days of downtime. And it’s not as if we’re stranded. There’s plenty of food, some good company. This isn’t going to turn into the Donner Party, you know.”
            Gabriel laughed. “That’s disgusting, Terry.”


  1. Plenty of food and good company. Hmmmm, that would make for a nice stay. Whoop!

  2. I saw no mention of playing cards or such innocent things. Hmmm.

  3. If they had resorted to Donner Party tactics after just two days stranded, we'd have a problem!

  4. Yikes. I know my six day trip to England was all rain, snow and ice so thank goodness we didn't have to resort to that--since I didn't like the food I ate a lot of Scottish shortbread and tea.

  5. Yep that pretty much sums up England. lol Lucky for me when I was there it was blue skies and crisp cool perfect weather. Brits were basking everywhere.