Saturday, December 29, 2012

Six Sentence Saturday

And so we come to our final Six Sentences for 2012, a day earlier than usual. We will be back on Monday for a New Year's blog, so keep an eye out for that. As for today, we're going with something a little different, an early part from Same Time Tomorrow. This features Gabriel at home, musing on a conversation he had earlier in the day with one of the instructors at a fencing club in Philadelphia. Chloe has made fencing a way of life, so to speak, and so in this early scene, it has piqued his curiousity about the sport. Enjoy, and let us know what you think of it!

"Curious about the sport," he had said.
"And where's the curiousity come from?"
He had sheepishly smiled. There's a woman."
The instructor had laughed. "My friend, we don't fight duels anymore."


  1. I love this character. It's nice to see a man willing to go to such lengths for a woman. Doesn't happen very often....

    1. Well are we talking before or after they've slept together? From my experience, men will go to any lengths if they're attracted to a woman, then as the saying goes "the honeymoon is over".

    2. ...did that come out just as wrong as everything else I say regarding sex?? I didn't mean I have a lot of that sort of experience first's just, men always try hard in the beginning. You never know how quickly things can change after committment. But I suppose the same thing goes for the way women behave as well.

  2. It occurs to me looking at that, and this is from polishing my own work, that I don't mind the word sheepishly. I've been removing ruefully or rueful as an expression out of my own work, but sheepishly works much better.