Sunday, March 9, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Unanswered Questions

Something different from our manuscript today. We have Gabriel at the home of Chloe's mother Linda, looking through a photo album.

             Turning the page, he paused, staring at a large photograph. It was a studio photo, a light background, with three people in the picture. A younger Linda, healthy and smiling, Chloe at the age of six, and her father. Jay Masters, he realized, staring at the man in the picture. Chloe got her dark hair from him. By now, if he was still around, hed be nearly thirty years older.
            Why did you do it? He shook his head. Why did you abandon them? Were you already thinking about it when this picture was taking? There was no sign of it in the face, in the soft smile. If hed had doubts, if he was restless, there was no obvious indication. Gabriel glanced up from the book, looking towards the stairs, thinking of the two women upstairs, of their abandonment. Damn you for doing that to them, he thought as his eyes returned to the picture of Chloes father.


  1. Jay's actions form a good deal of what drives Chloe as a person. Though he never appears, his influence is felt.

  2. He made Chloe unable to trust men, to have a successful relationship...until Gabriel.

  3. I've got a soft spot for a character named Jay, no matter what he did--LOL. Great job


  4. It's amazing how the influence of people long out of our lives spills over and effect other people too. A strong scene.

  5. I wonder why he left. Or is the picture all a lie?