Sunday, April 6, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Flyover Country

Once more, another passage from early in our manuscript Same Time Tomorrow, with Chloe in an introspective moment.

Mom would have been horrified if she'd seen me do that, Chloe thought. But that wasn't true. Her mother was blissfully unfamiliar with the gesture commonly known as "the finger." if it had been explained to her, Linda Masters would have concluded that her daughter had been living in New York far too long. Everyone knew about New York. It was a fast-paced city populated by rude, self-absorbed barbarians.
That's what people in the Flyover teach their kids so we won't come here, Chloe thought, smiling for the first time. They don't realize it makes us want to come here even more.
The Flyover...the midsection of the country, so nicknamed because anyone who was anyone never actually went there, they just flew over it en route to the East or West Coasts. It was like geographic Purgatory.


  1. I like her inner voice, definitely makes me want to know more about her. Great snippet!

    1. Really enjoyed this snippet, especially the part about her giving someone the finger and what her mom would think. It reminded me of a comment my cab driver friend made telling me to give somebody the finger when my mom was in the cab. (My mom is 88 and still has a great sense of humor).

  2. Yep...that looks like the Flyover!

  3. The flyover sounds like the middle of nowhere. How did she escape?