Sunday, November 7, 2010

James: Jeremy's Blog


Why is it they're always getting ahead and I'm not?

I'm a photographer, and a damned good one. Right now, though, things in life aren't quite what I expected. All I did was get in one little argument with one pointless blowhard editor, and I'm out on my butt. Instead of shooting something meaningful, some news story or major magazine photo essay, I'm spending my time working for tabloids, shooting pictures of air head starlets or rappers snorting away their latest paycheck on premium coke.

It's no job for a self respecting photographer, but it'll pay the bills until I get back to where I belong. Then let's see those pricks who think they're better at this job then I am keep up their snickering.

The compensation's good though. Catch a star at a bad moment, and you get paid big for it. Get them in the middle of a meltdown, or out on the town with someone they're not dating or married to, or with their tongue down the throat of someone of the same gender, and you get paid big for it. You just have to get used to feeling like a vulture.

Got to get going. I've got a source who's tipped me off that the cast of that tedious MTV reality show are going to be snorting some premium Columbian cocaine at their beach house. I can practically count the money coming my way if I get the pics to my editors before anyone else has even heard the rumors....


  1. Oh, man, Chloe gave him the right nickname--he really is a Rat Bastard!