Friday, November 5, 2010

James: Rachel's Blog

If a bride's nervous waiting for her wedding day, does that mean it's doubled when the wedding involves two brides?

Olivia is the love of my life. She's my family and my future. She's touched my heart, and she's made me laugh. How could I not love her?

My family, that is, the family I come from, couldn't accept me. When I came out of the closet, they disowned me. They would have never accepted me for who I am. You know, though, family isn't always about blood, or the people you grow up with. Olivia and I both know that from hard personal experience. Where I've been rejected by my family completely, she was ignored by hers.

And yet we've made a life together, become a family, and in a few months, we're making it official. She's the woman I want to marry, to spend my life with, and to have children with. As to which of us has the kids, well, let's just say I deliver babies into the world most days as a doctor, and... I'm not sure I want to go through that experience personally! I wonder how to persuade her to do the nine months pregnancy thing... she'd look amazing pregnant.

We're two very different souls, but somehow we compliment each other perfectly. I belong to her, and she belongs to me. Isn't that what we all want in life? Someone to belong to?


  1. As is so often the case, opposites attract, providing a balance.

    I'm waiting to see if she talks Olivia into doing the nine months....

  2. And yet it's Rachel who seems all the more grounded and centered for going through a pregnancy....