Saturday, January 1, 2011

Armed...and Seductive!

James and I have discussed the idea of a fencing scene--a sexy, spirited duel between Gabriel and Chloe. For those who are unaware, fencing is a very sexy sport. At least I think so.
All that parrying and thrusting always puts me in the mood, as James can tell you. 

Fencing suits Chloe. It suits her bold, aggressive side. It's a way for her to deal with her pent-up anger and frustration--most of which has been connected to the father who abandoned her when she was seven. Up until now. Since Gabriel came into her life, jealousy has also been an occasional visitor. Still unsure of his love for her, she tends to react--make that overreact--when other women are around.

As you'll see, that can prove dangerous.

It also enables Chloe to deal with Manhattan's criminal element. In one scene, when her purse is snatched, she effectively uses her umbrella as she would a fencing foil to disable her adversaries and reclaim her property.

Now, if I can convince James to join me in a nude duel... 


  1. Oooooh, a nude duel!!! I think I might like to see that...however, maybe poor James should wear a cup just so that the duelling can continue, if you know what I mean...

  2. Oh my... is it getting hot in here?

    I'd imagine a nude duel would get really distracting to both competitors.... not to mention the spectators.

    Brilliant blog!!

  3. Very interesting-but if the sword slips down things could get, well...a bet messy.:)

  4. I think fencing is tres sexy! I do, however prefer to have a little padding between me and the tip of the foil.

  5. I love fencing. Well, I love to watch the competitions. I have to say, nude sounds better than all the cover-ups they use. Maybe being a little loose would make better dueling.

  6. The idea of nude fencing scares me. A sword swinging around at unprotected areas . . . ugh!