Sunday, December 19, 2010

Intimacy By Long Distance

In between ongoing field research, usually spent in between the sheets, we've been writing our two leading characters dealing with the absense of each other. Gabriel is across the ocean on assignment in England, while Chloe's home in New York.
They've been apart a couple of weeks, missing each other, and we've taken things in a new direction.
They're trying out phone sex.

We started with a perfectly innocent phone call. Gabriel happened to phone Chloe as she was shopping for sexy lingerie. Since they both have Skype apps on their Android phones, he asked to see one of the items she was considering, and in the dressing room, she gave him a little peep show.

From there, they decided to engage in a bit of sex play later, using webcams.....
And so here we have our pairing, in passages we've written lately for the book. Enjoy, and you might want to refrain from reading further in public!

Or at work...or when the kids are around!

Chloe knew it was Gabriel before she even saw the Caller ID on her phone. She snatched it up, pressed the Answer button, and greeted her lover. "Miss me?" she asked.
"What do you think?" he asked.
"I've never done anything like that before. It felt... exciting."
"I liked watching you."
She laughed. "Felt like a voyeur, did you?"
"A bit."
"Want to watch me again?" she asked.
"Is that an invitation?"
"As a matter of fact, yes. I’m already logged in. Care to join me?"
“Already there,” he admitted. “Ready and waiting for you, Chloe.”
She walked into the bedroom and activated Skype on her phone, linking it to her laptop. Positioning it on her nightstand, she showed him the lingerie, one by one. "Which do you prefer to see first?" she asked.

He smiled, watching her, aroused just by seeing her holding up lingerie. “The black one,” he decided. She smiled back, winked, and set the fabric aside on the bed. Then she faced the phone, and reached one hand up to her blouse, beginning to unbutton her blouse. He wondered if she knew how completely she had his attention. Of course she does!
She slid the blouse off, letting it fall to the floor, a cream bra covering her breasts. Chloe reached behind, unfastened it, and let that fall away. She smirked at the screen, as if knowing how much he was turned on, and slowly ran her hands over her body. Then she unzipped her pants, sliding them away from her hips. They fell to the floor, followed by her panties, and she stood there, naked, in all her glory. He gasped, wanting to be right there with her.
Chloe reached for the black nightie, pulling it on, the fabric clinging to her body, the look of her enough to drive him over the edge. “You like?” she asked, no doubt already knowing what he’d say in reply.
“Very much,” he replied. “God, yes!”

She smiled seductively. "Look at that, Gabriel," she said. "It may be black, but you can see through it!" She moved closer to the phone. "I didn't realize it was that sheer. Can you see my nipples?"
"Yes," he answered in a ragged voice.
"They're hard. Just thinking about you looking at me does that," she told him. "I'm imagining you touching them...your mouth on always feels so good...."
"Oh, Chloe...”
She lay back on the bed, her long hair spilling over the pillow. She bent one knee, causing the nightgown to hike up over her hip...fully exposing her....                            
He stared at the screen, completely taken in by her, the black fabric settling along her flat stomach, her legs so inviting. The dark curls around her pussy, already so familiar and intoxicating, seemed to beckon. He was hard as a rock. My God, he thought, watching her as her fingers tracing along her body.
“Enjoying the view?” she asked with a throaty chuckle.
“Very much,” he replied, feeling distinctly breathless.
“Your lips are on me,” she whispered, her hands squeezing her breasts, touching the erect nipples, as if he was right there, his lips brushing against them. “It feels good,” she added, for effect. She opened her eyes, looked towards the phone camera, as if looking for him. “Gabriel,” she whispered.
“Yes?” He’d do just about anything for her.
“Get out of those clothes. I need you naked.”


  1. These two are sooooo lucky! They're in love AND adventurous!

  2. OK, my one try at adventurous: "I told Dave that we should try it in different places." He said, "I thought you didn't want it up the ass." I nearly choked.

    "Sweetie, I meant geographical, not anatomical."

  3. Karla, I almost choked to death on that one, too! You should blog about it!

  4. adventurous together is the key.

  5. To be that enamored with another human being and have them feel the same way back? Most people's fantasy.

  6. OMG!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

  7. Beth--you should see what they're working on right now!