Saturday, December 11, 2010

Of Interviews And Carnal Pleasures, Part Three

Scarlett lies on top of James after driving him over the top with her.... oral skills. The two of them blissfully kiss and caress, oblivious to William and Norma, who sit across the room, eyes wide.

Scarlett: Was it good for you two to watch?

William: Well, actually...

Norma: Could we get into the interview?

James: Sure. We need to rest a bit before we get started again.

William: Okay. Then let's not waste any time. Let's start with the supporting characters you've created. Tell us about them. Let's start with Chloe's mother.

Scarlett: Linda, yes. She's the mother we all wish we could have, and at the same time, she's got her own share of secrets. Lover, do you think that's evasive enough?

James: Possibly, goddess, possibly.

William: What about Dana? We hear you're thinking of writing a book for her too.

Scarlett: Someone's been reading our mail.

James: Dana's fun to write. Have we mentioned her cat's something of a voyeur?

Scarlett caresses James. William shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

William: I think I need a cold shower.

Scarlett: Darling, do you realize if the cat were a male, we could have called it Tom? As in Peeping Tom?

James: Didn't we decide to call it Pussy?

Scarlett: Ah, yes. Pussy. And speaking of that, mine could use a little attention.

Norma: A little attention. Seems to me it's been getting the lion's share of attention ever since we got here!

Scarlett laughs. James continues to stroke her.

Scarlett: Lion...pussy...I love that! James, my lioness needs your magic touch!

James: What are we going to call my little friend here?

Scarlett: Your friend isn't little, darling....

William: Please! If you two could stay on topic for one moment!

James: We are on topic. Our devotion and attention to each other.

William: No, we were talking about supporting characters. What about Rachel and Olivia?

Scarlett: Lovely couple, and getting married. Darling, have we settled on whether or not Gabriel should be called the best man or the man of honor at the wedding?

James: We can decide that when we get there. Yes, writing them is fun too. They're opposites, but very compatible.

James pulls Scarlett up, kissing her neck. She groans appreciatively. Then she reaches for a box of cherry cordials on the table next to them.

Scarlett: Remember how much fun we had researching that scene?

James (smiles wickedly): Oh, that I do!

Norma: What does candy have to do with--

William: I don't think we want to know.

Scarlett: Should we show them?

James: Definitely!

Scarlett  takes a small bite of the candy and allows the liquid inside to dribble over James' chest. Then she starts licking it off....

William: Oh my... it really is getting hot in here.

Norma: I don't think we're going to get anything out of these two...

Scarlett straddles James, mounting him. The two find their rhythm, grinding and thrusting. Norma rises from her chair. William grabs his briefcase, putting it in front of him before getting up.

Norma: We'll come back when you're not fornicating.

James: We're always forni... ohhhhhh, goddess!!!

Scarlett: You like that, don't you?

William and Norma leave. Scarlett smiles.

Scarlett: What a shame. We do so well with an audience, darling....


  1. It's a miracle these two can even stand up, they go at it so much....

  2. Their legs will be sore in the morning.

  3. Very interesting it called Steam/late-night cable?

  4. William, quick, think of Margaret Thatcher!

  5. Just tell him to think of Ann. That'll turn him off!

  6. Yes, that would kill the mood, Norma.

    So would Maggie Thatcher....

  7. I would have shot the both of them. I have zero patience.

  8. Shooting them?

    That's not very nice!

    And Janet Reno would be another mood killer.