Friday, December 10, 2010

Of Interviews And Carnal Pleasures, Part Two

Norma and William sit uncomfortably on one side of the room, while the naked Scarlett wraps her arms around the naked James on the couch on the other side of the room. The naked couple (did we mention they have no clothes on anymore?) share a deep, open mouthed kiss, groaning blissfully.

Scarlett: Oh, James, that was incredible.

James: You're incredible.

William: Could we get back to the interview?

Scarlett: Oh, if you insist.

James and Scarlett sprawl side by side on the couch, fondling and groping.

William: Aren't you two going to get dressed?

James: What would be the fun of that?

Norma: Uh, we're still here.

Scarlett: We don't mind.

James: We like it when others want to watch.

Norma: Who said we wanted to watch?

Scarlett: Are you a couple of prudes?

Scarlett focuses her attention on James' erection and starts stroking it lovingly.

Scarlett: Look at it. Such a thing of beauty.

William: *rolling his eyes* How do these two find any time to write with all these marathon sex sessions going on? Will you two answer a question or are you just going to spend time pleasuring each other?

Scarlett: We can do both.

James: Sure we... oh! Right there, baby!

Scarlett smiles and keeps stroking. William and Norma try to look at other things.

William: How do you two manage to.... um, collaborate on the writing process?

James: Oh, we... keep each other up to date on our... oh!! What was I saying..? Our ideas! Yes! And we do a lot of talking. In bed.

Scarlett: Among other things we do in bed.

James: Or in the shower.

Scarlett: Or out in the pool.

William: I'd like to talk about the scene you wrote recently, Scarlett, with Chloe using her fencing skills...

Scarlett: And I'd like nothing more then to have my mouth full, if you know what I mean...

James: I'd like nothing more than for you to have your mouth full...of me.

Scarlett: Your wish is my command.

Scarlett proceeds to go down on James while William and Norma look on, speechless. James starts to moan, while Scarlett continues to suck on him.

James: Don't stop, baby...that feels so good...take all of it!

Scarlett: Mmmmmmmmm....

James: Ohhhhhhh!

Norma (to William): Do you think we should just forget about this?

William doesn't answer immediately. He's watching the two lovers, transfixed....

William: Hmmm? What was that? Sorry, I... got distracted.

James: Ohhhh, Scarlett!!!


  1. I especially enjoyed that content warning that popped up when I was entering this site.

    What will these two do next?

  2. Does the warning qualify you for special rates on air fare? You seem to be using your frequent flier miles.

  3. I knew it was going to be amusing when I saw that warning.

  4. James and Scarlett are charter members of the mile high club. They also spent time in a mine so they could be the first members of the mile below club.

  5. Yes, you know, we really should have put in the adult filter before now, some of the material that's been posted here are not for childish eyes...

  6. Hmm. The interview isn't going very far. Are you and Norma learning a lot tho?