Thursday, December 30, 2010

James: To Title Or Not To Title, That Is The Question....

Scarlett and I have been pondering as of late if we should be titling our chapters. The pondering, of course, has taken place in between writing some very extensive and intimate scenes between our two lead characters... and doing some very hands on research too!

In my solo work, chapter titles are essential. Yet in our joint project, we haven't used them at all, and we haven't decided if we will. Awhile ago we mused on one possibility: Cybersexual Relations. That would certainly fit into what we've written lately, where we have Gabriel and Chloe seperated by an ocean but still making use of laptops and phones to share some very intimate sex (trust me, it works!).

Given our genre, what titles would fit?

I know. Going Down Together, Between The Sheets, Over The Edge, Nightly Pleasures....

What do you think? Titles or not?

On behalf of my lusty partner, we wish you a Happy New Year. She and I are celebrating the New Year in between the sheets.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have a Very Sexy Christmas and a Horny New Year

Welcome to our Christmas blog, all!

While everyone else is wishing you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, we want to wish everyone a Very Sexy Christmas! While all of you are unwrapping your presents, we'll be unwrapping each other...and enjoying every moment!

We've been naughty and nice... and there's that mistletoe we've hung all over the place. Only instead of just kissing each other under the mistletoe, we take things a step further. Well, more then a step further.

That's one of the places--one of the many places--we like to unwrap each other.

James plays Santa for me every year. I sit on his lap and tell him in great detail what I want for Christmas, and then he makes me straddle him so he can give it to me....

And Scarlett gets herself into that little red Mrs. Santa outfit with the stockings and garters that really accentuates her cleavage. By the time we're done, the only stitch of clothing we have left on are our Santa hats....

Oh, yes....

Now my Santa here does enjoy the cookies and hot chocolate, like any other Santa. But there is a treat he loves to eat even more. And I'm more than happy to serve myself--it--up to him as often as he wants....

Oh my... is it getting hot in here?

Steaming up in front of the fireplace while I drive my Scarlett to cry out, Merry Christmas!!! at the top of her lungs when she reaches her happy place... well, that's a Christmas gift that keeps giving back... not to mention coming back.

And he has a very special candy cane for me. As a matter of fact, I see him unwrapping it for me now. Can't wait to get that sweet treat into my mouth....

Yes, darling, it is getting hot in here. Hot chocolate in the hot tub, do you think?

Oh, just the thought of you licking that candy cane has me hot and bothered. Hot chocolate in the hot tub sounds lovely... along with even more unwrapping of more lustful delights!

If you'll all excuse us, we're not getting dressed again until sometime in the New Year.
Unless you'd all like to watch.

Watch if you want...just don't interrupt.

And a Very,Very Sexy Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Intimacy By Long Distance

In between ongoing field research, usually spent in between the sheets, we've been writing our two leading characters dealing with the absense of each other. Gabriel is across the ocean on assignment in England, while Chloe's home in New York.
They've been apart a couple of weeks, missing each other, and we've taken things in a new direction.
They're trying out phone sex.

We started with a perfectly innocent phone call. Gabriel happened to phone Chloe as she was shopping for sexy lingerie. Since they both have Skype apps on their Android phones, he asked to see one of the items she was considering, and in the dressing room, she gave him a little peep show.

From there, they decided to engage in a bit of sex play later, using webcams.....
And so here we have our pairing, in passages we've written lately for the book. Enjoy, and you might want to refrain from reading further in public!

Or at work...or when the kids are around!

Chloe knew it was Gabriel before she even saw the Caller ID on her phone. She snatched it up, pressed the Answer button, and greeted her lover. "Miss me?" she asked.
"What do you think?" he asked.
"I've never done anything like that before. It felt... exciting."
"I liked watching you."
She laughed. "Felt like a voyeur, did you?"
"A bit."
"Want to watch me again?" she asked.
"Is that an invitation?"
"As a matter of fact, yes. I’m already logged in. Care to join me?"
“Already there,” he admitted. “Ready and waiting for you, Chloe.”
She walked into the bedroom and activated Skype on her phone, linking it to her laptop. Positioning it on her nightstand, she showed him the lingerie, one by one. "Which do you prefer to see first?" she asked.

He smiled, watching her, aroused just by seeing her holding up lingerie. “The black one,” he decided. She smiled back, winked, and set the fabric aside on the bed. Then she faced the phone, and reached one hand up to her blouse, beginning to unbutton her blouse. He wondered if she knew how completely she had his attention. Of course she does!
She slid the blouse off, letting it fall to the floor, a cream bra covering her breasts. Chloe reached behind, unfastened it, and let that fall away. She smirked at the screen, as if knowing how much he was turned on, and slowly ran her hands over her body. Then she unzipped her pants, sliding them away from her hips. They fell to the floor, followed by her panties, and she stood there, naked, in all her glory. He gasped, wanting to be right there with her.
Chloe reached for the black nightie, pulling it on, the fabric clinging to her body, the look of her enough to drive him over the edge. “You like?” she asked, no doubt already knowing what he’d say in reply.
“Very much,” he replied. “God, yes!”

She smiled seductively. "Look at that, Gabriel," she said. "It may be black, but you can see through it!" She moved closer to the phone. "I didn't realize it was that sheer. Can you see my nipples?"
"Yes," he answered in a ragged voice.
"They're hard. Just thinking about you looking at me does that," she told him. "I'm imagining you touching them...your mouth on always feels so good...."
"Oh, Chloe...”
She lay back on the bed, her long hair spilling over the pillow. She bent one knee, causing the nightgown to hike up over her hip...fully exposing her....                            
He stared at the screen, completely taken in by her, the black fabric settling along her flat stomach, her legs so inviting. The dark curls around her pussy, already so familiar and intoxicating, seemed to beckon. He was hard as a rock. My God, he thought, watching her as her fingers tracing along her body.
“Enjoying the view?” she asked with a throaty chuckle.
“Very much,” he replied, feeling distinctly breathless.
“Your lips are on me,” she whispered, her hands squeezing her breasts, touching the erect nipples, as if he was right there, his lips brushing against them. “It feels good,” she added, for effect. She opened her eyes, looked towards the phone camera, as if looking for him. “Gabriel,” she whispered.
“Yes?” He’d do just about anything for her.
“Get out of those clothes. I need you naked.”

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Of Interviews And Carnal Pleasures, Part Three

Scarlett lies on top of James after driving him over the top with her.... oral skills. The two of them blissfully kiss and caress, oblivious to William and Norma, who sit across the room, eyes wide.

Scarlett: Was it good for you two to watch?

William: Well, actually...

Norma: Could we get into the interview?

James: Sure. We need to rest a bit before we get started again.

William: Okay. Then let's not waste any time. Let's start with the supporting characters you've created. Tell us about them. Let's start with Chloe's mother.

Scarlett: Linda, yes. She's the mother we all wish we could have, and at the same time, she's got her own share of secrets. Lover, do you think that's evasive enough?

James: Possibly, goddess, possibly.

William: What about Dana? We hear you're thinking of writing a book for her too.

Scarlett: Someone's been reading our mail.

James: Dana's fun to write. Have we mentioned her cat's something of a voyeur?

Scarlett caresses James. William shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

William: I think I need a cold shower.

Scarlett: Darling, do you realize if the cat were a male, we could have called it Tom? As in Peeping Tom?

James: Didn't we decide to call it Pussy?

Scarlett: Ah, yes. Pussy. And speaking of that, mine could use a little attention.

Norma: A little attention. Seems to me it's been getting the lion's share of attention ever since we got here!

Scarlett laughs. James continues to stroke her.

Scarlett: Lion...pussy...I love that! James, my lioness needs your magic touch!

James: What are we going to call my little friend here?

Scarlett: Your friend isn't little, darling....

William: Please! If you two could stay on topic for one moment!

James: We are on topic. Our devotion and attention to each other.

William: No, we were talking about supporting characters. What about Rachel and Olivia?

Scarlett: Lovely couple, and getting married. Darling, have we settled on whether or not Gabriel should be called the best man or the man of honor at the wedding?

James: We can decide that when we get there. Yes, writing them is fun too. They're opposites, but very compatible.

James pulls Scarlett up, kissing her neck. She groans appreciatively. Then she reaches for a box of cherry cordials on the table next to them.

Scarlett: Remember how much fun we had researching that scene?

James (smiles wickedly): Oh, that I do!

Norma: What does candy have to do with--

William: I don't think we want to know.

Scarlett: Should we show them?

James: Definitely!

Scarlett  takes a small bite of the candy and allows the liquid inside to dribble over James' chest. Then she starts licking it off....

William: Oh my... it really is getting hot in here.

Norma: I don't think we're going to get anything out of these two...

Scarlett straddles James, mounting him. The two find their rhythm, grinding and thrusting. Norma rises from her chair. William grabs his briefcase, putting it in front of him before getting up.

Norma: We'll come back when you're not fornicating.

James: We're always forni... ohhhhhh, goddess!!!

Scarlett: You like that, don't you?

William and Norma leave. Scarlett smiles.

Scarlett: What a shame. We do so well with an audience, darling....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Of Interviews And Carnal Pleasures, Part Two

Norma and William sit uncomfortably on one side of the room, while the naked Scarlett wraps her arms around the naked James on the couch on the other side of the room. The naked couple (did we mention they have no clothes on anymore?) share a deep, open mouthed kiss, groaning blissfully.

Scarlett: Oh, James, that was incredible.

James: You're incredible.

William: Could we get back to the interview?

Scarlett: Oh, if you insist.

James and Scarlett sprawl side by side on the couch, fondling and groping.

William: Aren't you two going to get dressed?

James: What would be the fun of that?

Norma: Uh, we're still here.

Scarlett: We don't mind.

James: We like it when others want to watch.

Norma: Who said we wanted to watch?

Scarlett: Are you a couple of prudes?

Scarlett focuses her attention on James' erection and starts stroking it lovingly.

Scarlett: Look at it. Such a thing of beauty.

William: *rolling his eyes* How do these two find any time to write with all these marathon sex sessions going on? Will you two answer a question or are you just going to spend time pleasuring each other?

Scarlett: We can do both.

James: Sure we... oh! Right there, baby!

Scarlett smiles and keeps stroking. William and Norma try to look at other things.

William: How do you two manage to.... um, collaborate on the writing process?

James: Oh, we... keep each other up to date on our... oh!! What was I saying..? Our ideas! Yes! And we do a lot of talking. In bed.

Scarlett: Among other things we do in bed.

James: Or in the shower.

Scarlett: Or out in the pool.

William: I'd like to talk about the scene you wrote recently, Scarlett, with Chloe using her fencing skills...

Scarlett: And I'd like nothing more then to have my mouth full, if you know what I mean...

James: I'd like nothing more than for you to have your mouth full...of me.

Scarlett: Your wish is my command.

Scarlett proceeds to go down on James while William and Norma look on, speechless. James starts to moan, while Scarlett continues to suck on him.

James: Don't stop, baby...that feels so good...take all of it!

Scarlett: Mmmmmmmmm....

James: Ohhhhhhh!

Norma (to William): Do you think we should just forget about this?

William doesn't answer immediately. He's watching the two lovers, transfixed....

William: Hmmm? What was that? Sorry, I... got distracted.

James: Ohhhh, Scarlett!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Of Interviews And Carnal Pleasures, Part One

A living room. Four writers are gathered together, William Kendall and Norma Beishir sitting on one of the room, and the pairing of Scarlett Martin and James Morgan on the other. Scarlett and James are in very close company. He's got one arm wrapped around her shoulders, and she's stroking one of his thighs. And he's nuzzling her neck. William and Norma look at each other, rolling their eyes.
William: Shall we get started?
James: Oh, very well.
Scarlett: Can you give us a half hour first?

Norma: For what? We've already postponed this interview four times.

Scarlett: We have some research that just can't wait.

James: Yes, that's it. Research. We're sticklers for getting it right.
William: So we've heard. You're into very extensive field research.
Scarlett: Hands on field research at that. And we do so like to choreograph some of our more... graphic scenes. In fact, just this morning James was between my legs, his tongue driving me over the....
William: Could we stay on topic?
James: We are on topic. 
Scarlett: That's right, we're talking about choreographing our sex scenes for the book. Therefore we have to talk about sex.
James: And demonstrate.
Scarlett: Oh, that's such a lovely idea.
William: Look, we've come to talk about your jointly authored book, Same Time Tomorrow. Now, how did you... James, would you kindly stop licking Scarlett's neck?

James: Just making sure I've got it right, chap.

Scarlett:  Oh you've definitely got it right....but could you do that again,just to be sure?

James: My pleasure.

Norma: Come on, you two! Knock it off!

James: Knock you that's something we haven't done yet, goddess. Is it true women are hornier when they're preggers?

Norma: I said knock it off, not knock her up!

Scarlett: We'd have to learn some new positions. You know, for when my belly is really big. That could be fun....

James: And Chloe does get pregnant...

Scarlett: Not until the next book.

James: Are you sure?

Scarlett: Fairly certain.
William: You're giving away plot points now?
James: We're teasing the readers.
Scarlett: And teasing each other.
James: She likes when I tease her. And tickle her. And massage her.

Scarlett: And I like massaging him back. See, there's this thing we do with naked massages and using every bit of our bodies on each other...
William: Okay, if we could call this to order? You're writing this book, sort of a he-said, she-said sort of thing.
Scarlett: And a he-did, she-did scenario.
William: How is that going? Do you two have any... Scarlett, why are you taking his shirt off?

Scarlett: Research, William. Research.

James: Necessary research.

Norma: Could this wait until the interview is finished, please?

Scarlett: Ohhhh, James....

Norma: James, what are you doing to her? Ohmygod! Not here....

Scarlett: moaning with pleasure... Oh, baby, do that again...

Norma: William, they're undressing each other....

Scarlett: Oh, yes! Yes!
William: That's not the only thing they're doing....
Clothes are quickly scattered everywhere. Scarlett settles back on the couch, and James settles his head between her legs. She groans, wrapping her legs around his body. James drives her closer and closer to the edge, his hands rubbing over her body. William and Norma watch, and roll their eyes again. 

Norma: William, do you think we should continue this later?
William: Maybe give them a half hour to themselves....
Scarlett: No! Oh, Gooodddd... right there, baby... no, stay! James and I like having an audieeence! Oh, James! Right there!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

James: Casting Supporting Characters

We've been playing the game of who we'd like to see playing our characters on the screen, and today we're following that up with three of our supporting characters. We've gotten to know these three women, and have been looking at spinning them off into their own books down the line.

First off, there's Dana, an outrageous flirt and good friend of Chloe....

We thought of Sarah Paulsen....

And there's also Sienna Guillory, from Eragon and Gunless....

The other two women in question are a couple. Olivia is Gabriel's agent. Rachel is her fiancee, and a doctor. Several ideas came to mind for both of them.

First, as far as Olivia's concerned, Scarlett and I are both fans of Castle, so there's Stana Katic:

Or Emily Blunt, from The Young Victoria....

Finally, from the series MI5, Olga Sosnovska.

Which brings us to Rachel.

Halle Berry's one such pick...

Or Gina Torres, from Serenity....

Finally... (did I mention we're Castle fans?) Tamala Jones....


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scarlett: Casting Chloe

Now that my partner has made his choices for Gabriel known, it’s my turn to cast Chloe. I’ve narrowed the possibilities down to three, excellent young actresses who could play the role beautifully….

                                          Anne Hathaway...

                                       Rachel McAdams...

                                                    ... or Ayelet Zurer?

James: The Unusual Suspects

With the book in progress, Scarlett and I were talking about who we'd see playing the parts of our two lead characters. She's got it down to a very fine choice indeed for Chloe. I thought of any one of the following to play Gabriel. Some, obviously, would require hair dye!

Starting out with Ewan McGregor...

Rupert Penry-Jones, of the series MI5....

Matthew MacFadyan, of Pride and Prejudice and MI5...

James Caviezel, of The Count of Monte Cristo and Frequency

Ioan Gruffudd, from Amazing Grace and Fantastic Four

Ben Barnes, from The Chronicles of Narnia...

And finishing off with Charlie Cox, from Stone of Destiny and Stardust.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

James: Jeremy's Blog


Why is it they're always getting ahead and I'm not?

I'm a photographer, and a damned good one. Right now, though, things in life aren't quite what I expected. All I did was get in one little argument with one pointless blowhard editor, and I'm out on my butt. Instead of shooting something meaningful, some news story or major magazine photo essay, I'm spending my time working for tabloids, shooting pictures of air head starlets or rappers snorting away their latest paycheck on premium coke.

It's no job for a self respecting photographer, but it'll pay the bills until I get back to where I belong. Then let's see those pricks who think they're better at this job then I am keep up their snickering.

The compensation's good though. Catch a star at a bad moment, and you get paid big for it. Get them in the middle of a meltdown, or out on the town with someone they're not dating or married to, or with their tongue down the throat of someone of the same gender, and you get paid big for it. You just have to get used to feeling like a vulture.

Got to get going. I've got a source who's tipped me off that the cast of that tedious MTV reality show are going to be snorting some premium Columbian cocaine at their beach house. I can practically count the money coming my way if I get the pics to my editors before anyone else has even heard the rumors....

Friday, November 5, 2010

James: Olivia's Blog

It's strange, the way our lives turn out.

I was raised by a succession of nannies and governesses, the only child to parents who never seemed to have time for me. I never asked, but I'm convinced I was an accident, and that they saw to it that there'd never be another accident again. Mother and Father kept me at arms' length my entire childhood, always off to whatever social function they might be involved in. I can't remember either of them ever telling me that they loved me.

The nannies and governesses did what they could. I suppose they felt sorry for me. I suppose I felt like I had to fill the empty space, the lack of a brother or sister, with energy. Maybe that's why I've got such an extroverted personality. I didn't retreat into myself, like I could have.

My parents have been dead for years. I never felt close to them, so really... I don't know if they'd care about my choices in life one way or another. I don't know what they'd think of Rachel.

She is my reason to wake up in the morning with a smile. She's my fiancee, my love, and my future. Proposing to her, setting a wedding date, making our plans together... that's been a joy to me.

We kid each other about having children of our own. She's an obstetrician, so she's bringing babies into the world all the time. She smiles so sweetly whenever she tells me that I'll be the one to have the baby if we go ahead with it.

I'd do it. I'd get pregnant, carry a life inside me for nine months, put up with the cramps, the backaches, the weight gain. Just as long as she's there with me in the delivery room helping me bring our baby into the world.

She's my family. And I'm hers.

James: Rachel's Blog

If a bride's nervous waiting for her wedding day, does that mean it's doubled when the wedding involves two brides?

Olivia is the love of my life. She's my family and my future. She's touched my heart, and she's made me laugh. How could I not love her?

My family, that is, the family I come from, couldn't accept me. When I came out of the closet, they disowned me. They would have never accepted me for who I am. You know, though, family isn't always about blood, or the people you grow up with. Olivia and I both know that from hard personal experience. Where I've been rejected by my family completely, she was ignored by hers.

And yet we've made a life together, become a family, and in a few months, we're making it official. She's the woman I want to marry, to spend my life with, and to have children with. As to which of us has the kids, well, let's just say I deliver babies into the world most days as a doctor, and... I'm not sure I want to go through that experience personally! I wonder how to persuade her to do the nine months pregnancy thing... she'd look amazing pregnant.

We're two very different souls, but somehow we compliment each other perfectly. I belong to her, and she belongs to me. Isn't that what we all want in life? Someone to belong to?

Scarlett: Dana's Blog

I gave up on finding Mr. Right a long time ago. I'll settle for Mr. Satisfaction.

I know that sounds horribly cynical, but if I'm anything, I'm a realist. We females grow up with those fairy tales in which the handsome prince rescues the princess from the evils of the world. It leaves us totally unprepared for reality: that most men just want the ol' roll in the hay with whoever is willing. After kissing too many frogs (which only worked for Miss Piggy), I made a conscious decision to think like a man. Enjoy the sex without expectations. That way, nobody ends up disappointed, and rejection is a rarity.

Except for that gorgeous blond hunk with whom I'd crossed paths a couple of times. Oh, what I wouldn't have given to get him into bed. I'll bet he'd be a 12 on a scale of 1-10! But when I finally had the opportunity to extend an invitation to me, he shot me down.

I immediately concluded he was gay. How else could I salvage my pride, after all?

But no, he's most definitely not gay. He's apparently in love with Chloe, and I believe he may have freed Rapunzel from that self-imposed prison of hers. In this case, I can be a gracious loser, even if I'm still a bit wounded.

I'll recover. I always do.

Maybe I should be gay. I could sure change my religion for that hottie who's engaged to Gabriel's agent....

Scarlett: Linda's Blog

I'm dying.

Pancreatic cancer...those words mean the odds would have been stacked against me, even if I had chosen to have surgery, chemotherapy. I decided against it. I want to be able to live out my last days at home, with a clear mind for as long as possible.

I don't know how much time I have, a few months at best. I've accepted it; I've made my peace with God and I'm ready to go home. My only concern is for my daughter. Chloe is my only child, and there's so much I want to tell her...and so much I can't bring myself to tell her, even now.

If I thought it would bring her peace, I would tell her the truth about why her father left us--but I know it won't. Quite the contrary, it would only cause her more pain. No, it has to remain a secret.

I've worried about her ever since Jay left. I've seen how it's impacted her life. But now, maybe I can leave this life and know that finally, my baby will be all right. She didn't make her last visit alone. Soon after she got here, a young man arrived. I had my doubts at first--they met online, and we've all heard the horror stories--but Gabriel is, as far as I can see, a good man who clearly adores my Chloe.

I wish I could see what the future holds for them. Will they marry? Will they have children? Oh, how I'd love to be there for my daughter's hold my grandchildren in my arms....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scarlett: Halfway There And Nothing To Wear

I’m afraid I’ve been so caught up in the developing love story between Gabriel and Chloe that I’ve been neglecting our blog and our Facebook page.

All right, I confess. I’ve been more into the research than the blogs or the social media. Who could blame me?

But I’m here now, and I’ve made a discovery. James and I have reached the unofficial halfway point in the manuscript: 47,580 words. Quite an accomplishment, given everything else that’s on our plates at the moment.

I think this calls for a celebration. I would invite all of you, but James and I do our best celebrating when it’s just the two of us. Isn’t that right, my love? Just you and I, a tub full of scented bubbles, some candles and mood music, maybe a tray of chocolate treats….

James? Sweetheart? Baby? Lover? How soon can you get here? Hmmmm?

James: Gabriel's Blog

I wasn't expecting this.
My life is lived on the road, never home for long. I spend so much time travelling that my house doesn't even feel like a home. Why? Because there's no one there waiting for me.
I haven't really had a place that really feels like home since the deaths of my parents. They've been gone for years, taken away from me by a drunk driver. Since then, I've just kept busy, so much so that I've forgotten how to have a life.
I can feel it sometimes. I can be somewhere, taking a photo of some beautiful spot, and creeping in there is this feeling of being alone. Of being lonely.
Well, sometimes the unexpected comes along and floors you. It's happening to me.
She's had a hard time of it. Her father abandoned her when she was a child. What kind of man does that to his own child? Not much of a man.
It's still got a hold of her. It's still influencing her life. She deserves so much better then what happened to her. How do I get her to see that?

Scarlett: Chloe's Blog

I have trust issues. There, I've said it.

It's not without good reason. I grew up in the Flyover, as it's commonly known. I call it Purgatory, because it's somewhere between Heaven and Hell. Life in the Midwest can be laid-back, idyllic...that's the Heaven part. It can also be boring, and with the exception of the major cities, a place of limited possibilities. That's where Hell comes in.

It was hell for my father. He went over the wall when I was seven, and he never looked back. He wanted out so badly, he left without his wife and child. I've wondered why he didn't take us with him. It was one thing to leave a place, another to leave his family.

For a time, I wondered if Mom had refused to go. Mom was born and raised in Jefferson County. She'd always been happy there. I can't imagine Mom wanting to go anywhere. But knowing how much she loved him, well, she would have gone to Mars with him if he had asked her.

He hadn't asked.

So why did he go? Why did he leave us? I wish I knew. I wish I knew what was wrong with me to make him decide he no longer wanted to be my daddy. A part of me has always felt inferior somehow because of it.

I grew up unable to trust men because of it. I ended up involved with men who were, in one way or another, all wrong for me. A shrink would probably say these were subconscious choices. I don't know. Maybe.

Recently, I met the most wonderful man--online, of all places. Is he too good to be true? Time will tell.

Monday, October 4, 2010

James: Olivia and Rachel

A passage from chapter twelve:

Olivia stepped off the elevator in her condo building, late in the afternoon, coming home from work. She and Rachel had plans this evening, concert tickets with the Philharmonic. It was an all Beethoven performance, a piano sonata, a piano concerto, and the Fifth Symphony. Assuming Rachel’s not in the middle of a long delivery, Olivia thought with a smile. She had been called by the hospital at five this morning for a delivery, and from time to time it took a lot longer than expected.
She walked down the hall, unlocking the door to their condo, and stepped inside. Rachels’ shoes were by the door. Well, she’s home. Classical music played softly in the background. She took off her shoes, setting her briefcase down, and moved through the condo, finding the bedroom door open. Rachel was there, appraising herself in a mirror, wearing a cream colored strapless cocktail dress, one that Olivia knew well, and fondly remembered from other evenings spent together.
“Hi,” Olivia softly called, approaching her.
“Hey, honey,” Rachel said, glancing back, warmly smiling.
Olivia wrapped her arms around her fiancee gently from behind, softly kissing her shoulder. Her short hair was nearly dry, and Olivia thought she caught the scent of that conditioner Rachel liked. “Busy day?” she asked.
Rachel laughed. “The mother had twins.”
“Good God… that must have been fun.”
“Honey, if we decide to have kids, you’re the one giving birth.”
Olivia laughed. “So noted.” She held Rachel a bit longer, just basking in the moment. Rachel’s parents would have never approved of them. They had been unable to accept her coming out, and hadn’t spoken to her in ten years. Her own parents, both dead now, how would they have felt? They had been distant parents, tied up with business and society, barely involved in her life. Her childhood had consisted of a series of nannies and governesses responsible for her upbringing, her mother and father rarely showing any interest in her. My family is right here, she and I, Olivia thought.
“Come on,” Rachel said softly. “Time for you to get ready, sweetness.”
“So it is. If we keep standing here like this, it won’t take long before I want to get you out of this dress.” Rachel smiled, stepping out of Olivia’s arms, and lightly kissed her, heading out of the room. Olivia’s smile broadened, and she headed over to the closet, thinking of that wine red cocktail dress they both liked. Yes, that would do.

James: Other Points Of View

We've been doing a little bit of filling in the gaps in the last little while.

One of the ideas we started out with in the book was the concept that Same Time, Tomorrow would be told from the point of view of our two main characters, Chloe and Gabriel. Scarlett was writing Chloe's point of view, and I was writing Gabriel's point of view.

Simple, right?

A couple of chapters back, Scarlett added in a very brief passage in a hospital between two supporting characters, George and Cass, neighbors and friends of Chloe's mother Linda. It was the first time we had taken ourselves out of the POV of our main characters.

We decided to play around with the idea, add in a few pieces here and there from the point of view of other characters we've introduced. The list of supporting characters would then include not just George and Cass, which we've already done, but also Linda's POV as well. Scarlett has some ideas in mind down the line for Linda, which really enrich her character.

And beyond that? Scarlett created a character named Dana, a work friend of Chloe. Earlier in the writing process I happened to write her coming across Gabriel, flirting shamelessly with him (she's a complete flirt) and then finding out that his interests lie elsewhere. I added on a scene recently featuring Dana coming home, one that played with the humor of the character.

Two other characters we've now extended this to are Olivia and Rachel. Olivia is Gabriel's agent. Rachel is her fiancee. I created the characters themselves early on, and the passages I wrote for them as their POV more recently play into the tenderness and intimacy between the two women. It also created more depth for Olivia, who would otherwise come across purely as comic relief.

All of this has led us to ideas for sequels. Dana's got some real promise, with some ideas that Scarlett suggested. And the history between Olivia and Rachel feels right.

Then there's another idea, another woman we haven't introduced formally yet. She'll have to wait for the second book headlined by our Chloe and Gabriel.

No, we're not telling!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Getting Into Bed

After taking our time with our characters, Scarlett and I have finally got them into bed. (Hey! Watch what you're thinking! Yes, you!)

And actually doing something in bed, mind you.

Gabriel and Chloe have been sharing a bed for some days in our narrative. Since the night they first saw each other, they've been on each others' minds. Bringing them together in the way we have was, in the end, the right way to do it. We established a bond between them, brought them into close quarters because of a health crisis, and deepened that bond in the process.

Being in close quarters, learning more about each other, and coping with the crisis in question has also strengthened a mutual attraction. It led them into sharing a bed, yet they weren't acting on their attraction (as much as both would have wanted to, of course).

Well, now they're back home, in Chloe's home, and the reason for not acting has been set aside too. And that led us to write our latest chapter, which, of course, features a whole lot of carnal explorations, horizontal tango, and the connection of body parts.

Writing it has been an experience. A lot of sexual tension and chemistry for these two has been building, and bringing them to this point has definitely been worth it.

What's to come? We've got ideas and plans in mind, and much more to come....

When it comes to reading Chapter Eleven down the line... it might be best done without prying eyes about. Or prying ears. And a shower might be in order afterwards....

James: Trying To Behave

A short passage from Same Time Tomorrow, from our chapter eight....

            He could feel her snuggle closer to him in the bed at the sound of his words, felt her breath at his neck, the form of her body close to his own. It had an erotic energy all of its own. Think about something not sexy at all, lad, or you won
t be able to stop yourself, he told himself with a smile.
I definitely dont want you to be there alone. Her voice was full of promise, and it was enough to drive him over the edge. Lets see here, what would do the job? Thinking about Mrs. Wallace, the sadist music  teacher back in grade three? Thatll do the trick, getting me out of the mood. She could have taught cruelty lessons to Hitler. She probably did. Chloes voice reached him. Hey, Gabriel?
Sorry. Trying to behave myself, thinking about things that arent sexy.
She laughed, softly, a sound he loved. Then she shifted slightly, kissed him on the lips. You wont have to behave too long. Promise. She settled back in his arms, resting. He listened to the quiet, felt her breathing against him, slowly relaxing, drifting into sleep. Gabriel stayed awake, enjoying how right it felt to be here with her. Good night, Chloe. Pleasant dreams.

James: Getting Chloe And Gabriel Into Bed

It's been awhile since I've done this....

We're at a point writing now where Chloe and Gabriel are at the proverbial crossroads. A health crisis has brought them together, and he's been a rock of support for her, getting her through what she's having trouble facing.

Drawing them closer, we've been exploring the intimacy and connections between them, and Chloe is at a low point, fearing for her mother, and it's then that she turns to Gabriel, asking him for more, wanting him in her bed.

And Gabriel does the right thing. As much as he wants that, to act on the attraction and feelings he has, he knows it's a matter of timing. He knows they'd both regret it in the morning.

Still, here we have the couple sharing a bed for the first time (at least that's where we left off; I have a passage to add today). And for both of them, it's the next step forward in their relationship.

Of course, we're going to have to get them into bed without the encumberance of clothing sooner or later. The sexual tension is right there, and they both need some relief....

Scarlett: Chloe's Scars

Gabriel is about to blow it.

Chloe has trust issues.  She cares for Gabriel. She's falling in love with him. But she's also afraid. All of her experiences with men have been negative, starting with her father. And now Gabriel is making a huge mistake. He's focusing on how beautiful she is.

Chloe does not see her looks as a blessing. Being told she's beautiful makes her feel worthless. She's accustomed to men who want her only for her looks, and it never lasts. She feels her father left her in spite of the fact that she was a cute, well-behaved child.

Enter Gabriel. Yes, he thinks she's beautiful. But if he can't show her that he values her for who she really is, he risks losing her. To win her trust, he will have to prove he's not like the others.

On a side note: It's been suggested on more than one occasion that James and I have been using Gabriel and Chloe to tell each other how we feel. Guys, when have you ever known James and I to have any trouble saying what we feel?

Scarlett: Chloe's Discovery

“Where’s Gabriel?” Cass asked.
“He’s taking a bath,” Chloe said as she set the table for dinner. “We went hiking today.”
Cass couldn’t hide her surprise. “You went hiking?”
Chloe nodded, trying to suppress a smile. “Apparently I’ve taken this place for granted all these years.”
Cass checked the pot roast in the oven. “We all do, honey. We see it everyday, so there’s nothing special or new about it, until we see it through the eyes of a newcomer.”
“He took a lot of photos. I can’t wait to see them. He still uses film, you know.” She didn’t mention that she was in most of the photographs. As they roamed the countryside, he’d photographed her constantly, as if trying to preserve her image, to keep it from fading. She wanted to preserve his image, too, so when he disappeared from her life….
No. Mustn’t think that way.
It’s going to happen. You know it will.
He’s different.
Men are all alike. They don’t believe in forever.
The sound of Cass’ voice brought her out of her internal dialogue. “Sorry,” Chloe said. “I was lost in thought for a minute there. That pot roast smells heavenly.”
“Obviously.” Cass smiled, unwilling to allow Chloe to change the subject. “You really like him, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Chloe admitted.
“Maybe he’s the one,” Cass suggested.
Chloe shook her head. “It’s not like that between us.”
“Chloe Masters, you’re a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Cass scolded her. “Your relationships fail because you expect them to fail.”
“I’m a realist,” Chloe said with a shrug.
“That young man flew over a thousand miles to be with you because he knew you needed him,” Cass reminded her. “How can you assume he’ll abandon you?”
“Gabriel and I are friends, Cass. Just friends,” Chloe insisted.

“Sometimes I think that’s the only way men and women can maintain a relationship--agreeing to be just friends.”
“Oh, Chloe--”
“Cass, I really don’t want to get into this.” Chloe opened the silverware drawer and took the appropriate number of knives, forks and spoons out. “He’s a wonderful man. But it will never be anything more than a friendship.”
“You and your mother. Two of a kind.”
“My sperm donor--I can’t even call him Dad--broke her heart,” Chloe said with unmasked anger in her voice. “Why would she take a chance on being hurt like that again?”
Cass hesitated. “She did.”
Chloe stopped what she was doing. “No, she didn’t. There was never anyone else. She knew better.”
“There was someone, briefly,” Cass said. “She never told you, at first because she wanted to wait until she saw if it was going anywhere.”
“At first?” Chloe asked.
“Later, she was just too embarrassed.”
Anger rose in Chloe. “What happened?”
“You remember George Hart?”
Chloe gave it some thought. “Sure. He and Carol divorced just before I moved to New York.” She looked at Cass. “Mom dated George?”
“For about six months,” Cass said. “She was so happy, I thought she was finally getting over Jay. Then one day I came over and found her in tears.”
“He went back to Carol, didn’t he?”
Cass nodded.
“Mom should have know better,” Chloe said. “He was a wreck when Carol left. Everybody thought they’d get back together.”
“She thought so, too,” Cass said. “She asked him early on if he thought he and Carol would ever remarry. He told her he didn’t see that happening.”
“She asked the wrong question,” Chloe said in a strained voice. “She should have asked him if he wanted to get back together with Carol. There’s a huge difference.”
“She was planning to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner,” Cass remembered. “She wanted to tell you they were seeing each other. She thought if you could see her happy with someone, you might realize that the only one you were hurting with all that anger you carry around is you.”
“Backfired, didn’t it?” Chloe picked up a knife and gripped it tightly.
“He came over the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and told her he and Carol were going to remarry. They’d set a date. Christmas Eve.”
“How romantic. And I’ll bet he asked Mom if they could still be friends. Maybe even invited her to the wedding.”
“I don’t know, honey.”
“They always do. Break a woman’s heart, then ask to still be friends.” Chloe threw down the knife and headed for the stairs.
“Chloe, don’t say anything to her.”
“I won’t,” Chloe said. She wasn’t going to talk to her mother. She was going to talk to Gabriel.
She knocked on the bathroom door. “Gabriel, are you decent?”

“About as decent as I’m capable of being,” he called to her from the other side.
Without waiting for an invitation, she opened the door and went inside. Gabriel looked up, shocked. The water in the tub was up to his chest and filled with bubbles that concealed the rest of his body. Normally, Chloe would have commented on the bubbles, but at that moment she was far too upset. She sat down on the toilet. “I just found out my mother let two men make a fool of her.”
Gabriel said nothing, waiting for her to go on.

“She dated this guy from our church. He was divorced, sure, but everyone knew how hung up on his ex-wife he still was.” Chloe wasn’t even looking at Gabriel as she rambled on. “Never, ever date a man who’s still hung up on someone else. Mom should have known that. I know that. I want to be the first choice, not the backup plan. It’s a matter of pride. You get that, don’t you?”
Gabriel nodded, looking baffled. “Of course.”
“She dated him and he dumped her to go back to his ex. And he had the nerve to ask her if they could still be friends. Friends! He broke her heart and he still wanted to be friends. Can you imagine that?”
“No,” Gabriel said slowly. The bubbles that covered him were starting to disappear.
“I suppose he and the wife were going to invite Mom to dinner so they could all be friends. No harm, no foul. Dirtbag!”
Gabriel was looking at the remaining bubbles. They were going fast.
She turned to look at him for the first time. “We’re never going to end up like that, are we?”
“No, of course not.” Fewer bubbles. Not much cover remaining.
“Thanks for listening.” She leaned over and kissed him. “You’re the best friend I could ever have.” Then she got up and left the room.


Scarlett: The Psychology Of Love

Creating the Chloe character has been a challenge for me. James and I started out planning to write a strictly erotic novel about two complete strangers who carry on a sex game via computer and cellphone. But as these two characters emerged and took on lives of their own, that storyline was no longer appropriate. The games would only work for them if there was--were?--already an emotional connection between them. 

They had to fall in love.

All good fiction requires conflict, In Same Time Tomorrow, that conflict comes from Chloe. Gabriel is a good and decent man, sincere in his desire for a relationship--and eventually, a marriage--with her, but Chloe is damaged goods. Abandoned by her father at an early age, she has a string of failed relationships arising from her inability to trust any man. She's been dumped by the notorious Rat Bastard just before she and Gabriel meet. Even when she finds a good man, Chloe manages to sabotage the relationship out of fear that in allowing herself to care, she will be open to being hurt again.

How will Gabriel win her trust? We'll see how James handles that....