Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fooling Around In Other Blogs

Check us out at The Blog Entourage, where a passage from Same Time Tomorrow is posted. Now if you'll excuse us, Scarlett and I were busy doing some, how do I put this? Research.

Between the bed sheets.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Heated Passion At The Gateway Arch

James and I have been researching scenes for Same Time, Tomorrow seat at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis--so of course, we had to visit the nation's tallest monument ourselves. We pride ourselves on thoroughly researching everything.

Especially the sex scenes. 
Oh, yes. Those require...extensive blocking out on our part. Let's just say we get into character.

The Arch is lovely, like a gigantic sculpture. One of these days, we're going to have to make love on one of those huge windows on the observation platform at the top, darling.

With a whole crowd of people watching us, of course. Can you blame us for being exhibitionists?

So we went out to the monument, got ourselves inside and up to the top. It was getting towards the end of the day too, so it wasn't all that busy. It's a shame, because we could have taken the opportunity to get carried away with our lust if we'd had a bigger audience....

Not that we don't enjoy it when it's just the two of us, mind you--but if we're going to do it in a public place, we want a sell-out crowd, so to speak.

People can learn from watching. At least they can loosen up a little.

Besides, that Park Service deputy kept watching us. Do you think our reputation has preceded us to the Gateway to the West, love?    

After what we did in the Statue of Liberty last month, that's safe to assume, my mistress.

 I heard this was called the Flyover. Surely we've done the Mile-High thing over St. Louis at least once....

More then once. That's why Delta won't let us fly on their airlines anymore. I swear, you have sex in the cockpit just once, and they never let you hear the end of it. I understand the FAA kept the recordings.

I'll bet they listened to the contents of that "black box" more than once!

Elevators, the Arch

Anyway.... what were we talking about? Oh, yes, the Arch. Well, it turns out we had the elevator car all to ourselves on the way down. Only thing is... just after it started down, the elevator stopped.

I heard it was some kind of power outage--and not the first time it's happened! So there we were, halfway down the Arch's south leg--oh, that does sound sexy, doesn't it? Stroking the leg, running against the leg, riding the leg....mmmmmm....

Darling, you've got me distracted with the thoughts of your lucious, lucious legs.... Not to mention your hands stroking my legs.

Oh, yes!!

Oh, where was I?

In the middle of seducing me.

I rather like that idea. I know you do....

*Scarlett runs hand up James' thigh*

Now I remember. We were stuck there, just the two of us, in that little space-age-looking tram car with no windows, and it was getting soooooo hot. After a while, we just had to take our clothes off. And you were so sweet to take ice from your water bottle and rub it all over me...all over me....

What a lovely way to make use of ice, too. They did tell us over the intercom that it would take an hour to fix the problem, so really, what better way to make good use of that time? You know, just remembering holding melting ice between your breasts, and licking that water... of course, you like my tongue all over you....

Oh, everywhere! You have the most talented tongue... yes, that's it, right there, just like you did last night....

You know, goddess, if we keep this up, they'll never hear how our misadventure ended. Tell you what... for the moment, let's just let our fingers do the walking, so to speak... keep ourselves on a low burn. Besides, my fingers would like to spend some time exploring every exquisite bit of you.

And so there we were, just the two of us, fondling, groping, stroking, kissing, licking... oh, my, is it getting really hot in here?

We got a little carried away. We like doing that. Can you blame us? She straddled me, and we were having ourselves a fine time reaching our...happy spot... that we didn't notice the elevator start up again.

Yes-- there we were, just reaching orgasm, when the doors opened and we had the audience we wanted: park service employees, police, firemen, TV crews-- with cameras running-- newspaper photographers. Everyone was there, or so it seemed.

I think they could already hear what we were up to before the doors were opened. Both of us tend to be pretty loud when we get close to climaxing, after all. It might have just been the lighting, but I could swear some of those folks were blushing when we came out of the elevator.
Goddess, I think we ought to try it again sometime.

I still want to do it on the observation deck. Maybe this weekend?

Consider it a date. We will have to sneak past security. They got a real eyeful of us, after all.

Until then, let's spend some time in... dress rehearsal. We're already undressed, after all. And if all of you want to watch us, feel free. We love showing off.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The International Get Naked With Someone You Find Irresistable Day

Recently one of our cohorts, Karla, wrote a blog entitled There's A Day For That. It played around with the various days of observances that are often dreamt of by a bureaucrat with too much time on their hands, a well meaning social association, or a wingnut with a loose grip on sanity.
Scarlett and I were thinking of other days of observance, the sort of thing we would designate. That is, when we weren't spending our time in carnal abandon, rolling around naked on the floor and....

Is it getting hot in here?

Anyway, here are some of our ideas.

Oral Sex Day, Tantric Sex Day...

Handcuffs Sex Day, Naked Twister Day, Safeword Day, Sauna Sex Day....

There's also Sex In The Opera Box Day. Sex In The Back Of A Limo Appreciation Day.

And let's not forget Sex At The Zoo Day. Let's have the animals being the ones watching for a change.

While we're at it, National Sixty-Nine Day, Doggy-style Day, Love A Dildo Day....

Scarlett! How naughty! And how sexy that is....

There's also International Deep Body Massage Day, and Vibrator Appreciation Day.

 Let me think about this for a moment. How about National Orgy day?

 Yes, we must have that put into official decree. I do like our concept of Voyeurism and Exhibitionism Day.

But then I love it when we show off...

Of course you do, darling. You are magnificent naked. Why would you not want to show off?

And you're a goddess in the buff.

Thank you, my love! I always like to hear I'm pleasing you.

How about Cybersex Day? Phone Sex Day? 

Very fun, very fun indeed. Aside from that time Sister Mary Katherine picked up the extension at that bed and breakfast you were staying at. I think it's the last time either of us can stay at a country inn run by nuns.

Of course, you know there's always Sex In The Snow Day.

And Sex on the Beach Day. Role-playing Sex Day.

Sex At A Picnic Day.

And, in Karla's honor, Make It With A Muppet Day.