Sunday, May 25, 2014

Snippet Sunday: With Anticipation

Today from our manuscript, we have a passage picking up precisely from where we left off last week.

They glanced at the others, but no one was looking their way. Once again, the elevator stopped, and the first woman stepped out. We’re almost there, he thought, letting his hand roam over her, anticipating being alone with her. 
The bell rang softly, and the doors opened for the fifteenth floor. Chloe took his hand, and one of the two remaining women stepped out, followed by them.
The woman walked down to the right, and Chloe turned that way too. Well, so much for a little time together in the hall, he thought, rolling his eyes. Come on, it’s not far now. Unless that woman is a roommate Chloe never mentioned. He smirked, and Chloe looked at him, arching her head up, kissing him on the cheek. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Going Up Together

Another passage from our manuscript Same Time Tomorrow, featuring Chloe and Gabriel getting all hot and bothered while in an elevator filled with people...

They stepped to the back of the elevator car, standing side by side, and he felt her pull her hand away. Glancing over, he saw a blank look on her face, just looking at the display as the car moved up. Then he felt her hand once more, trailing down his back, sliding down to his butt. She gave him a pat, and then a squeeze. Oh my, he thought, unable to repress a grin.
            The elevator stopped at six. The man stepped out, and the elevator continued up. Her hand lingered on him, and he enjoyed the contact, craved to do the same. He slid his own hand discreetly, over her back, stroking the curve of her ass, the contact a powerful moment. He patted gently, and gave a squeeze, and she softly gasped. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Love And Marriage

Another snippet from our manuscript today, appropriate for Mother's Day, with Chloe lost in thought.

She lay there for awhile, trying to remember the dream she’d been having before reality so rudely interrupted. It was a beautiful dream. She and Gabriel were married. They had two children. The eldest, a boy, was named for Gabriel’s father. The girl, an infant, was named after both their mothers. Their son looked exactly like his daddy. Acted like him, too, Chloe thought, smiling. He was a Gabriel clone. I was just the incubator.
She’d never thought about having children until now. Until Gabriel, there was no one I wanted to have babies with. But I want them now. I want to be a wife, a mother. I want all of those things…with him. 
She rested her hand on her abdomen and tried to imagine herself at nine months pregnant, with a huge belly. She tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his baby growing inside her, feeling him--or her--moving, kicking, eager to be born.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Bathtime Musings

Another passage from our manuscript, Same Time Tomorrow. This has Chloe on her own at home, though that doesn't stop things from getting steamy...

Chloe's head was spinning. She lay back, gripping the sides of the large claw-footed tub to keep from slipping underwater. She gave a little laugh. That's it, idiot, she thought, drown in the throes of orgasm. Gabriel made her crazy with his deep, sexy voice and wonderful Irish accent. He could take her places with his voice, his words that no other man had ever taken her when they were in bed with her. She got aroused at the sound of his voice. She reached orgasm as he spoke, telling her what he wanted to do to her. She'd never had orgasms with any other man.
She remembered what it was like to have him here with her, holding her, touching her. She remembered the feel of his body, strong and hard, enveloping her as she lay back against him...his arms around her...his fingers, exploring her. She closed her eyes and daydreamed, his hands on her naked body... she fondled her breasts, gently pinching her nipples and wished he was here doing it. She remembered his lips on her, kissing, nuzzling... her neck was so sensitive, just the thought drove her wild. The thought of him, kissing, caressing….