Sunday, May 4, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Bathtime Musings

Another passage from our manuscript, Same Time Tomorrow. This has Chloe on her own at home, though that doesn't stop things from getting steamy...

Chloe's head was spinning. She lay back, gripping the sides of the large claw-footed tub to keep from slipping underwater. She gave a little laugh. That's it, idiot, she thought, drown in the throes of orgasm. Gabriel made her crazy with his deep, sexy voice and wonderful Irish accent. He could take her places with his voice, his words that no other man had ever taken her when they were in bed with her. She got aroused at the sound of his voice. She reached orgasm as he spoke, telling her what he wanted to do to her. She'd never had orgasms with any other man.
She remembered what it was like to have him here with her, holding her, touching her. She remembered the feel of his body, strong and hard, enveloping her as she lay back against him...his arms around her...his fingers, exploring her. She closed her eyes and daydreamed, his hands on her naked body... she fondled her breasts, gently pinching her nipples and wished he was here doing it. She remembered his lips on her, kissing, nuzzling... her neck was so sensitive, just the thought drove her wild. The thought of him, kissing, caressing….


  1. Sometimes an active imagination comes in handy....

  2. Oooh, very nice--love the description.


  3. Hot stuff, indeed. Great snippet, Scarlett and James. :)

  4. These characters can get all hot and bothered at any time!