Sunday, May 25, 2014

Snippet Sunday: With Anticipation

Today from our manuscript, we have a passage picking up precisely from where we left off last week.

They glanced at the others, but no one was looking their way. Once again, the elevator stopped, and the first woman stepped out. We’re almost there, he thought, letting his hand roam over her, anticipating being alone with her. 
The bell rang softly, and the doors opened for the fifteenth floor. Chloe took his hand, and one of the two remaining women stepped out, followed by them.
The woman walked down to the right, and Chloe turned that way too. Well, so much for a little time together in the hall, he thought, rolling his eyes. Come on, it’s not far now. Unless that woman is a roommate Chloe never mentioned. He smirked, and Chloe looked at him, arching her head up, kissing him on the cheek.