Sunday, May 11, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Love And Marriage

Another snippet from our manuscript today, appropriate for Mother's Day, with Chloe lost in thought.

She lay there for awhile, trying to remember the dream she’d been having before reality so rudely interrupted. It was a beautiful dream. She and Gabriel were married. They had two children. The eldest, a boy, was named for Gabriel’s father. The girl, an infant, was named after both their mothers. Their son looked exactly like his daddy. Acted like him, too, Chloe thought, smiling. He was a Gabriel clone. I was just the incubator.
She’d never thought about having children until now. Until Gabriel, there was no one I wanted to have babies with. But I want them now. I want to be a wife, a mother. I want all of those things…with him. 
She rested her hand on her abdomen and tried to imagine herself at nine months pregnant, with a huge belly. She tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his baby growing inside her, feeling him--or her--moving, kicking, eager to be born.


  1. Perfect snippet for Mother's Day!

  2. Chloe's inner voice tends to come out strongly in these sort of musings.

  3. Very sweet snippet, and really drew me into her mind.