Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snippet Sunday: At First Sight

Another snippet from our manuscript Same Time Tomorrow. This features our leading lady Chloe and her best friend Dana at a party in New York, where Chloe is about to see Gabriel for the very first time in the story...

“How can any woman ever tire of fashion?” Dana wanted to know. “You’re a disgrace to your gender.”
“I’m tired of shoots with painfully skinny models who look like clothes hangers with faces,” Chloe said. “I want something fresh, new.”
“I want that,” Dana said, looking past Chloe.
“What?” Chloe turned in the direction of Dana’s wanton gaze. Across the room, a tall, blond man with a seductive smile was engaged in an animated conversation with three women who hung on his every word.
“Yes, I definitely want that,” Dana said again.
“He’s probably already taken,” Chloe said, still watching him.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Looking Smashing

Back into Snippet Sunday for us, with a brief passage from Same Time Tomorrow, set early in the story. This has Gabriel showing up at the office of his agent and best friend Olivia in New York City on the day of a party they're both going to be attending in the evening.

“You look smashing,” she remarked with an English accent, rising from the desk, a wine red blouse and skirt matching to the general impression of a woman who liked looking refined. Olivia walked over to him, and the two shared a hug.
            “That’s what Tess told me.”
            “You do look good in a suit.”
            “I’ll take your word for that.”
            “Trust me, darling, you do.”
            “Just really uncomfortable.”
            Olivia laughed. “My dear, believe me, if I were single and straight, I’d throw myself at you in a fit of passion.” Now he laughed. “Trust me, you look smashing.”