Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snippet Sunday: The Sadness Of Absence

And here we have where we left off last week between Chloe and Gabriel as he shares about the deaths of his parents years earlier.

“At least it was quick. I didn’t think that was a blessing at the time, but eventually I saw it that way.” Another moment's pause.  “I miss them. I really do. I keep thinking about how they might look now. I wonder how I’ll explain to my own children one day about the sound of their grandmother's laughter, or their grandfather’s terrible singing voice.” He smiled despite the sadness. “I wish things were different. That they didn’t go out that night. Still… what happened… it happened… and there’s no changing it.”

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Memories Of Loved Ones

Today we're moving to another passage early in the book, with Gabriel and Chloe in conversation. He is speaking about the death of his parents, killed by a drunk driver. We're splitting up the passage and picking up with the second half next time.

He looked at her, saw the compassion in her eyes. “I was eighteen, so I wasn’t a kid… but you’re never ready to lose them like that.” She enclosed his hand with her fingers, and Gabriel felt her gentle squeeze. “My grandmother was a godsend, Chloe. She was dealing with the death of her own daughter, but she was there for me. She kept me going.” He looked away again just for a moment. No, you never really get over something like this. Glancing back at her, he sighed.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Not An Early Start

Today we're picking up right where we left off last week between our supporting characters Olivia and Rachel...

They were silent for a moment. “Early start tomorrow?”
“No, not unless someone goes into labor overnight.”
Saying that is one sure fire way to make it happen.” Olivia turned around in her lover’s arms, met her lips, and kissed her. She felt lucky, to have Rachel, to be building a future with her. The thought of a disease coming in, taking her away… No, she thought, giving herself to Rachel, letting her hands wander. And then she thought no more of illness, only of the woman she shared her life with.