Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scarlett: Casting Chloe

Now that my partner has made his choices for Gabriel known, it’s my turn to cast Chloe. I’ve narrowed the possibilities down to three, excellent young actresses who could play the role beautifully….

                                          Anne Hathaway...

                                       Rachel McAdams...

                                                    ... or Ayelet Zurer?

James: The Unusual Suspects

With the book in progress, Scarlett and I were talking about who we'd see playing the parts of our two lead characters. She's got it down to a very fine choice indeed for Chloe. I thought of any one of the following to play Gabriel. Some, obviously, would require hair dye!

Starting out with Ewan McGregor...

Rupert Penry-Jones, of the series MI5....

Matthew MacFadyan, of Pride and Prejudice and MI5...

James Caviezel, of The Count of Monte Cristo and Frequency

Ioan Gruffudd, from Amazing Grace and Fantastic Four

Ben Barnes, from The Chronicles of Narnia...

And finishing off with Charlie Cox, from Stone of Destiny and Stardust.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

James: Jeremy's Blog


Why is it they're always getting ahead and I'm not?

I'm a photographer, and a damned good one. Right now, though, things in life aren't quite what I expected. All I did was get in one little argument with one pointless blowhard editor, and I'm out on my butt. Instead of shooting something meaningful, some news story or major magazine photo essay, I'm spending my time working for tabloids, shooting pictures of air head starlets or rappers snorting away their latest paycheck on premium coke.

It's no job for a self respecting photographer, but it'll pay the bills until I get back to where I belong. Then let's see those pricks who think they're better at this job then I am keep up their snickering.

The compensation's good though. Catch a star at a bad moment, and you get paid big for it. Get them in the middle of a meltdown, or out on the town with someone they're not dating or married to, or with their tongue down the throat of someone of the same gender, and you get paid big for it. You just have to get used to feeling like a vulture.

Got to get going. I've got a source who's tipped me off that the cast of that tedious MTV reality show are going to be snorting some premium Columbian cocaine at their beach house. I can practically count the money coming my way if I get the pics to my editors before anyone else has even heard the rumors....

Friday, November 5, 2010

James: Olivia's Blog

It's strange, the way our lives turn out.

I was raised by a succession of nannies and governesses, the only child to parents who never seemed to have time for me. I never asked, but I'm convinced I was an accident, and that they saw to it that there'd never be another accident again. Mother and Father kept me at arms' length my entire childhood, always off to whatever social function they might be involved in. I can't remember either of them ever telling me that they loved me.

The nannies and governesses did what they could. I suppose they felt sorry for me. I suppose I felt like I had to fill the empty space, the lack of a brother or sister, with energy. Maybe that's why I've got such an extroverted personality. I didn't retreat into myself, like I could have.

My parents have been dead for years. I never felt close to them, so really... I don't know if they'd care about my choices in life one way or another. I don't know what they'd think of Rachel.

She is my reason to wake up in the morning with a smile. She's my fiancee, my love, and my future. Proposing to her, setting a wedding date, making our plans together... that's been a joy to me.

We kid each other about having children of our own. She's an obstetrician, so she's bringing babies into the world all the time. She smiles so sweetly whenever she tells me that I'll be the one to have the baby if we go ahead with it.

I'd do it. I'd get pregnant, carry a life inside me for nine months, put up with the cramps, the backaches, the weight gain. Just as long as she's there with me in the delivery room helping me bring our baby into the world.

She's my family. And I'm hers.

James: Rachel's Blog

If a bride's nervous waiting for her wedding day, does that mean it's doubled when the wedding involves two brides?

Olivia is the love of my life. She's my family and my future. She's touched my heart, and she's made me laugh. How could I not love her?

My family, that is, the family I come from, couldn't accept me. When I came out of the closet, they disowned me. They would have never accepted me for who I am. You know, though, family isn't always about blood, or the people you grow up with. Olivia and I both know that from hard personal experience. Where I've been rejected by my family completely, she was ignored by hers.

And yet we've made a life together, become a family, and in a few months, we're making it official. She's the woman I want to marry, to spend my life with, and to have children with. As to which of us has the kids, well, let's just say I deliver babies into the world most days as a doctor, and... I'm not sure I want to go through that experience personally! I wonder how to persuade her to do the nine months pregnancy thing... she'd look amazing pregnant.

We're two very different souls, but somehow we compliment each other perfectly. I belong to her, and she belongs to me. Isn't that what we all want in life? Someone to belong to?

Scarlett: Dana's Blog

I gave up on finding Mr. Right a long time ago. I'll settle for Mr. Satisfaction.

I know that sounds horribly cynical, but if I'm anything, I'm a realist. We females grow up with those fairy tales in which the handsome prince rescues the princess from the evils of the world. It leaves us totally unprepared for reality: that most men just want the ol' roll in the hay with whoever is willing. After kissing too many frogs (which only worked for Miss Piggy), I made a conscious decision to think like a man. Enjoy the sex without expectations. That way, nobody ends up disappointed, and rejection is a rarity.

Except for that gorgeous blond hunk with whom I'd crossed paths a couple of times. Oh, what I wouldn't have given to get him into bed. I'll bet he'd be a 12 on a scale of 1-10! But when I finally had the opportunity to extend an invitation to me, he shot me down.

I immediately concluded he was gay. How else could I salvage my pride, after all?

But no, he's most definitely not gay. He's apparently in love with Chloe, and I believe he may have freed Rapunzel from that self-imposed prison of hers. In this case, I can be a gracious loser, even if I'm still a bit wounded.

I'll recover. I always do.

Maybe I should be gay. I could sure change my religion for that hottie who's engaged to Gabriel's agent....

Scarlett: Linda's Blog

I'm dying.

Pancreatic cancer...those words mean the odds would have been stacked against me, even if I had chosen to have surgery, chemotherapy. I decided against it. I want to be able to live out my last days at home, with a clear mind for as long as possible.

I don't know how much time I have, a few months at best. I've accepted it; I've made my peace with God and I'm ready to go home. My only concern is for my daughter. Chloe is my only child, and there's so much I want to tell her...and so much I can't bring myself to tell her, even now.

If I thought it would bring her peace, I would tell her the truth about why her father left us--but I know it won't. Quite the contrary, it would only cause her more pain. No, it has to remain a secret.

I've worried about her ever since Jay left. I've seen how it's impacted her life. But now, maybe I can leave this life and know that finally, my baby will be all right. She didn't make her last visit alone. Soon after she got here, a young man arrived. I had my doubts at first--they met online, and we've all heard the horror stories--but Gabriel is, as far as I can see, a good man who clearly adores my Chloe.

I wish I could see what the future holds for them. Will they marry? Will they have children? Oh, how I'd love to be there for my daughter's hold my grandchildren in my arms....