Thursday, September 30, 2010

James: Getting Into Bed

After taking our time with our characters, Scarlett and I have finally got them into bed. (Hey! Watch what you're thinking! Yes, you!)

And actually doing something in bed, mind you.

Gabriel and Chloe have been sharing a bed for some days in our narrative. Since the night they first saw each other, they've been on each others' minds. Bringing them together in the way we have was, in the end, the right way to do it. We established a bond between them, brought them into close quarters because of a health crisis, and deepened that bond in the process.

Being in close quarters, learning more about each other, and coping with the crisis in question has also strengthened a mutual attraction. It led them into sharing a bed, yet they weren't acting on their attraction (as much as both would have wanted to, of course).

Well, now they're back home, in Chloe's home, and the reason for not acting has been set aside too. And that led us to write our latest chapter, which, of course, features a whole lot of carnal explorations, horizontal tango, and the connection of body parts.

Writing it has been an experience. A lot of sexual tension and chemistry for these two has been building, and bringing them to this point has definitely been worth it.

What's to come? We've got ideas and plans in mind, and much more to come....

When it comes to reading Chapter Eleven down the line... it might be best done without prying eyes about. Or prying ears. And a shower might be in order afterwards....

James: Trying To Behave

A short passage from Same Time Tomorrow, from our chapter eight....

            He could feel her snuggle closer to him in the bed at the sound of his words, felt her breath at his neck, the form of her body close to his own. It had an erotic energy all of its own. Think about something not sexy at all, lad, or you won
t be able to stop yourself, he told himself with a smile.
I definitely dont want you to be there alone. Her voice was full of promise, and it was enough to drive him over the edge. Lets see here, what would do the job? Thinking about Mrs. Wallace, the sadist music  teacher back in grade three? Thatll do the trick, getting me out of the mood. She could have taught cruelty lessons to Hitler. She probably did. Chloes voice reached him. Hey, Gabriel?
Sorry. Trying to behave myself, thinking about things that arent sexy.
She laughed, softly, a sound he loved. Then she shifted slightly, kissed him on the lips. You wont have to behave too long. Promise. She settled back in his arms, resting. He listened to the quiet, felt her breathing against him, slowly relaxing, drifting into sleep. Gabriel stayed awake, enjoying how right it felt to be here with her. Good night, Chloe. Pleasant dreams.

James: Getting Chloe And Gabriel Into Bed

It's been awhile since I've done this....

We're at a point writing now where Chloe and Gabriel are at the proverbial crossroads. A health crisis has brought them together, and he's been a rock of support for her, getting her through what she's having trouble facing.

Drawing them closer, we've been exploring the intimacy and connections between them, and Chloe is at a low point, fearing for her mother, and it's then that she turns to Gabriel, asking him for more, wanting him in her bed.

And Gabriel does the right thing. As much as he wants that, to act on the attraction and feelings he has, he knows it's a matter of timing. He knows they'd both regret it in the morning.

Still, here we have the couple sharing a bed for the first time (at least that's where we left off; I have a passage to add today). And for both of them, it's the next step forward in their relationship.

Of course, we're going to have to get them into bed without the encumberance of clothing sooner or later. The sexual tension is right there, and they both need some relief....

Scarlett: Chloe's Scars

Gabriel is about to blow it.

Chloe has trust issues.  She cares for Gabriel. She's falling in love with him. But she's also afraid. All of her experiences with men have been negative, starting with her father. And now Gabriel is making a huge mistake. He's focusing on how beautiful she is.

Chloe does not see her looks as a blessing. Being told she's beautiful makes her feel worthless. She's accustomed to men who want her only for her looks, and it never lasts. She feels her father left her in spite of the fact that she was a cute, well-behaved child.

Enter Gabriel. Yes, he thinks she's beautiful. But if he can't show her that he values her for who she really is, he risks losing her. To win her trust, he will have to prove he's not like the others.

On a side note: It's been suggested on more than one occasion that James and I have been using Gabriel and Chloe to tell each other how we feel. Guys, when have you ever known James and I to have any trouble saying what we feel?

Scarlett: Chloe's Discovery

“Where’s Gabriel?” Cass asked.
“He’s taking a bath,” Chloe said as she set the table for dinner. “We went hiking today.”
Cass couldn’t hide her surprise. “You went hiking?”
Chloe nodded, trying to suppress a smile. “Apparently I’ve taken this place for granted all these years.”
Cass checked the pot roast in the oven. “We all do, honey. We see it everyday, so there’s nothing special or new about it, until we see it through the eyes of a newcomer.”
“He took a lot of photos. I can’t wait to see them. He still uses film, you know.” She didn’t mention that she was in most of the photographs. As they roamed the countryside, he’d photographed her constantly, as if trying to preserve her image, to keep it from fading. She wanted to preserve his image, too, so when he disappeared from her life….
No. Mustn’t think that way.
It’s going to happen. You know it will.
He’s different.
Men are all alike. They don’t believe in forever.
The sound of Cass’ voice brought her out of her internal dialogue. “Sorry,” Chloe said. “I was lost in thought for a minute there. That pot roast smells heavenly.”
“Obviously.” Cass smiled, unwilling to allow Chloe to change the subject. “You really like him, don’t you?”
“Yes,” Chloe admitted.
“Maybe he’s the one,” Cass suggested.
Chloe shook her head. “It’s not like that between us.”
“Chloe Masters, you’re a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Cass scolded her. “Your relationships fail because you expect them to fail.”
“I’m a realist,” Chloe said with a shrug.
“That young man flew over a thousand miles to be with you because he knew you needed him,” Cass reminded her. “How can you assume he’ll abandon you?”
“Gabriel and I are friends, Cass. Just friends,” Chloe insisted.

“Sometimes I think that’s the only way men and women can maintain a relationship--agreeing to be just friends.”
“Oh, Chloe--”
“Cass, I really don’t want to get into this.” Chloe opened the silverware drawer and took the appropriate number of knives, forks and spoons out. “He’s a wonderful man. But it will never be anything more than a friendship.”
“You and your mother. Two of a kind.”
“My sperm donor--I can’t even call him Dad--broke her heart,” Chloe said with unmasked anger in her voice. “Why would she take a chance on being hurt like that again?”
Cass hesitated. “She did.”
Chloe stopped what she was doing. “No, she didn’t. There was never anyone else. She knew better.”
“There was someone, briefly,” Cass said. “She never told you, at first because she wanted to wait until she saw if it was going anywhere.”
“At first?” Chloe asked.
“Later, she was just too embarrassed.”
Anger rose in Chloe. “What happened?”
“You remember George Hart?”
Chloe gave it some thought. “Sure. He and Carol divorced just before I moved to New York.” She looked at Cass. “Mom dated George?”
“For about six months,” Cass said. “She was so happy, I thought she was finally getting over Jay. Then one day I came over and found her in tears.”
“He went back to Carol, didn’t he?”
Cass nodded.
“Mom should have know better,” Chloe said. “He was a wreck when Carol left. Everybody thought they’d get back together.”
“She thought so, too,” Cass said. “She asked him early on if he thought he and Carol would ever remarry. He told her he didn’t see that happening.”
“She asked the wrong question,” Chloe said in a strained voice. “She should have asked him if he wanted to get back together with Carol. There’s a huge difference.”
“She was planning to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner,” Cass remembered. “She wanted to tell you they were seeing each other. She thought if you could see her happy with someone, you might realize that the only one you were hurting with all that anger you carry around is you.”
“Backfired, didn’t it?” Chloe picked up a knife and gripped it tightly.
“He came over the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and told her he and Carol were going to remarry. They’d set a date. Christmas Eve.”
“How romantic. And I’ll bet he asked Mom if they could still be friends. Maybe even invited her to the wedding.”
“I don’t know, honey.”
“They always do. Break a woman’s heart, then ask to still be friends.” Chloe threw down the knife and headed for the stairs.
“Chloe, don’t say anything to her.”
“I won’t,” Chloe said. She wasn’t going to talk to her mother. She was going to talk to Gabriel.
She knocked on the bathroom door. “Gabriel, are you decent?”

“About as decent as I’m capable of being,” he called to her from the other side.
Without waiting for an invitation, she opened the door and went inside. Gabriel looked up, shocked. The water in the tub was up to his chest and filled with bubbles that concealed the rest of his body. Normally, Chloe would have commented on the bubbles, but at that moment she was far too upset. She sat down on the toilet. “I just found out my mother let two men make a fool of her.”
Gabriel said nothing, waiting for her to go on.

“She dated this guy from our church. He was divorced, sure, but everyone knew how hung up on his ex-wife he still was.” Chloe wasn’t even looking at Gabriel as she rambled on. “Never, ever date a man who’s still hung up on someone else. Mom should have known that. I know that. I want to be the first choice, not the backup plan. It’s a matter of pride. You get that, don’t you?”
Gabriel nodded, looking baffled. “Of course.”
“She dated him and he dumped her to go back to his ex. And he had the nerve to ask her if they could still be friends. Friends! He broke her heart and he still wanted to be friends. Can you imagine that?”
“No,” Gabriel said slowly. The bubbles that covered him were starting to disappear.
“I suppose he and the wife were going to invite Mom to dinner so they could all be friends. No harm, no foul. Dirtbag!”
Gabriel was looking at the remaining bubbles. They were going fast.
She turned to look at him for the first time. “We’re never going to end up like that, are we?”
“No, of course not.” Fewer bubbles. Not much cover remaining.
“Thanks for listening.” She leaned over and kissed him. “You’re the best friend I could ever have.” Then she got up and left the room.


Scarlett: The Psychology Of Love

Creating the Chloe character has been a challenge for me. James and I started out planning to write a strictly erotic novel about two complete strangers who carry on a sex game via computer and cellphone. But as these two characters emerged and took on lives of their own, that storyline was no longer appropriate. The games would only work for them if there was--were?--already an emotional connection between them. 

They had to fall in love.

All good fiction requires conflict, In Same Time Tomorrow, that conflict comes from Chloe. Gabriel is a good and decent man, sincere in his desire for a relationship--and eventually, a marriage--with her, but Chloe is damaged goods. Abandoned by her father at an early age, she has a string of failed relationships arising from her inability to trust any man. She's been dumped by the notorious Rat Bastard just before she and Gabriel meet. Even when she finds a good man, Chloe manages to sabotage the relationship out of fear that in allowing herself to care, she will be open to being hurt again.

How will Gabriel win her trust? We'll see how James handles that....

James: Late Night Musings

A passage from Same Time Tomorrow; enjoy.....

He was awake, lying in bed in the guest room, staring at the ceiling, feeling her absense. He wanted her here, in his arms, her breath soft against his bare chest. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to make love with her, to do
anything that would comfort her. Yet that was a line he would not cross. Not like this.
            Gabriel sighed in the darkness, thinking of the woman who was lying a few yards away, beyond that wall. Chloe had him completely captivated. And now she was in pain, losing her rock, the one person she could always count on. That’s why I’m here. Not to get lucky. Stop thinking that way.
            He thought of his grandmother, of the way she had been his rock, his constant, after the deaths of his parents. There would come a day, he knew, when she would pass away. While he understood that in his mind, it was something he didn’t know how he’d react to. Gran, how do I help her?
            Gabriel sat up in bed. I came to her. She needed me, and I came. It’s that simple. Just... be there with her. Hold her hand. Let her cry when she needs it. Get  her to laugh when she needs that. It was easier said then done. He settled back under the covers, closed his eyes, tried to sleep. How the hell did I get this close to a Barry Manilow fan of all people? The thought at least brought out a smile.
            Fading off into dreams at last, he found himself back at the party. And instead of a fire alarm breaking things up,  he walked across the room, to her. She was standing there, looking so beautiful, like a goddess. He extended a hand, taking hers gently, kissing her hand. He looked into her eyes, such beautiful green eyes. And then his lips met hers, and her arms enfolded him, and they were together. Their mouths opened, and the kiss deepened, their tongues finding each other. The taste of her was intoxicating. It was everything he ever wanted.
            The dream changed. They were together in bed, naked, the room lit by the fireplace. She was lying on her back, and his head was down between her legs, his hands cupping her breasts. His tongue drove inside her, into the moist warmth,. stroking, licking, stimulating. She groaned softly, calling out his name, her body trembling as she climaxed, her voice louder as she cried out....
            He woke up, sitting up in the dark, shaken. And aroused.

James: The Characters Have Hijacked The Book

It's been a bit of awhile since we've done this. Scarlett and I had ourselves a bit of a row. Fortunately it led to lots of makeup sex, so all's good. We've also been writing, and we've come to something of an odd place. The characters, it seems, have taken over the book.
We were taking the book in one direction, but in the last few days, the way we've been writing, the direction we've taken Gabriel and Chloe in, it's become obvious that adjustment was required. It was almost as if our characters were telling us, "No, you're going to do what we tell you to do." That's a lot of gratitude coming from your creation. I'm not getting that sort of thing happening with my solo work. Just an incessant need to apologize to a couple of characters.
Same Time Tomorrow started out as strictly erotica, but we made these two characters so real, so three dimensional, that the original direction we were going in just won't feel right. Hence the adjustments. We're at a point where we're just about to bring these two together for the first time, and we're both enjoying the way the book is evolving.
It's strange, seeing where these two characters have decided to go, and oddly amusing. They're evolving past their original plot, and really becoming very strong, connected characters. Don't worry, though. There'll be plenty of mattress action for these two to come. They're going to need all the one on one time they can get...

James: Condoms and Plain Brown Wrapping

Caught your attention, did that?
Scarlett and I have been writing, and passing ideas back and forth. One of the things that we've talked about in the last couple of days is marketing. She talked about the idea of marking condoms with our book title. Certainly some readers will feel the need to make use of them. At least that's the idea, right? Otherwise we're doing something wrong.
It's a nice marketing tool, and the title itself, Same Time Tomorrow, has a certain playfulness when you apply it to condoms. Pun intended, by the way. Of course, if condoms were marked with that title, does that suggest the condoms would be re-used? There's a topic for another discussion, and perhaps not a pleasant one.
That brought us to talk about how such books were marketed back in the day. Some books decades ago were kept out of sight, or wrapped discreetly. These days, shops have shelf areas for erotica, so anything goes. Aside from putting the erotica shelf right by the kids' section, of course. You can find whatever you're after. Bondage. Group sex. Threesomes. One night stands. Airplane sex. Naughty nuns. Obviously in book form. If you're actually looking for these to experience (I recommend naughty nuns), well... talk to us afterwards.
My point's this: we're well past the point where books like this were held behind counters or wrapped in brown paper. It's out there, in your face, daring you to pick it up. Just be careful where you read it. You don't want strangers seeing you blush, do you? At least not unless you like that sort of thing...

James: Of Awkward Subjects and Deep Arousal

Another passage from the work in progress. You might want to take a shower afterwards, perhaps with someone you're fond of, or just for some alone time. We'll wait for you.


Beneath the covers, Gabriel held Chloe close, her back against his stomach. His left hand softly ran along the bare flesh of her hip, lightly stroking, as if he was memorizing each detail. The closeness of the contact, of her body against him, soon had him hard again, his cock pressed against her. She murmured softly. "Gabriel?"
"Yes?" he replied.

"I have a question."

"Go ahead and ask."

There was a pause, as if she was hesitant. "Well, you're... you're hard against me." She reached back, her fingers closing around his cock. He groaned softly, craving her. "Yes, I like that too," she said, and he could almost feel her smile in the semi darkness. Then she withdrew her hand. "I've just got to ask. I mean, we haven't done this, or even talked about it, but, well... you've got that erection against my ass, and..." Her voice trailed off.

"Do you want anal sex?" he asked.

"No!" she blurted out. "I mean... if you wanted to... or... I don't..."

He warmly smiled, enjoying the sound of her stammering. "Chloe? You're not into that, are you?"

"No," she admitted. "Look, I mean, if you want to..."

He shifted slightly, leaning up on one elbow, turning her a bit, settling her onto her back. Looking at her in the moonlight, at the paleness of her skin, he let his hand come up to her face, and leaned down, kissing her. "I don't want to." There was a moment's silence, then he continued. "Don't get me wrong. I love your ass." He let his hand wander back downward, resting along her upper thigh. She softly moaned, as though just his hand might set her off. "Kissing... and licking... and stroking your ass." He kissed her again, felt her tongue probing against his tongue. I could do this forever, he thought. Yet he pulled back. "I'm just not into anal sex, Chloe. Maybe it's just me... but I find it... demeaning." He let his hand wander over her thigh. "And besides... if I were to take you from behind, I'd still be entering you... here." His hand shifted, settling between her legs, and he slid two fingers inside her. She groaned at the contact. He felt the warmth, the moistness inside her. Just her groan was enough to drive him crazy. Gabriel let his fingers stroke, stimulating her clit, massaging her pussy. And he somehow found the self control to keep speaking. "So no...I'm not into anal. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes..." her voice was ragged, and she was squirming at his touch, at what he was doing. "Now shut up and get me off," Chloe said, kissing him deeply. He let his fingers drive her ever closer, his tongue dueling with hers, feeling the heat of her, and his only concious thought was how much he wanted her.


Scarlett: Chloe At The Psychic Fair

"A psychic fair?" Chloe asked. "I don't think so."

"Oh, come on. It'll be fun," Meredith insisted.

"Fun? It's all fake."

"You don't have to take it seriously," Meredith said, unwilling to give up. "Just enjoy it."

"Right." Chloe rolled her eyes.

Meredith could be persuasive when she was really into something, and Chloe found it easier to give in and allow herself to be dragged along than try to fight a losing battle. She followed Meredith from booth to booth--palm readers, aura photographers, tarot readings, astrologers--amused by the way people eagerly plunked down their hard-earned dollars to learn what the future held for them, as if anyone knew the answer.

Meredith was frustrated. "Are you just going to watch?" she asked. "Get your palm read, something."

Chloe shook her head. "I said I'd come with you. I did not say I'd participate."

"Oh, come on."

Chloe hesitated, then nodded. "All right." She decided it would be a good idea. She'd get Meredith off her back and prove that this was just a load of BS the process.

She looked around, selected her target, and seated herself. The psychic, a pleasant-looking woman in her late fifties, took the twenty-dollar bill and tucked it into her apron pocket. Chloe found it amusing that the woman wore an apron with change pockets. Future for sale, if you can afford to pay.

"What is your name?" the woman asked.

"You don't know?" Chloe asked. Meredith nudged her, annoyed.

"I see pain in your past," the psychic continued. "A man...a lover?"

"You're the psychic. You tell me," Chloe challenged.

The woman was unfazed. "Men disappoint you," she said.

Chloe remained unimpressed. Stock answers, nothing specific.

"It began with your father," the psychic told her. "He left you."

Now she had Chloe's attention.

"He has not been in your life since you were a child," the woman went on. "He died?"

"As far as I'm concerned," Chloe said.

"There has been no man in your life since."

Chloe took a deep breath. "Not for any length of time."

"But that has changed," the psychic told her. "You will meet someone, or perhaps you already have. He is not like the others. You must not shut him out. He will hold the key to your soul. You--"

"Enough!" Chloe stood up abruptly. "This is not real. Meredith, I'm leaving. You can stay if you want, but I'm going. Now."

She was shaking by the time she reached the exit. How could that woman have known? Who told her about Chloe's father...about Gabriel?

He will hold the key to your soul....

Scarlett: On Love and Lust

James and I talked before he wrote the Gabriel and Dana scene. I suggested Dana might be a sore loser, like a certain woman we both know in real life. James felt that Dana, being Chloe's friend, would be a better person than that woman, able to accept it and be happy for the couple.

When I thought about it, I realized James was right. After all, Dana and Chloe are friends. Dana has no emotional investment in Gabriel. Her feelings for him, if they can indeed be called feelings, don't go beyond lust. In Dana's place, I could be a gracious loser, too.

Love is a different story. Being a woman of strong emotions, a passionate creature who feels everything x 100, I know I could not deal with watching the man I loved take a trip to the altar with someone else. Not that I wouldn't want him to be happy--loving someone means being able to put their happiness above your own, among other things. But could I continue to be a part of his life afterward? No. I'm not quite that selfless. I wish I were. I would wish him all the happiness in the world. And I would tell him goodbye.

Chloe, on the other hand, is a woman who's afraid of her emotions. She keeps them on a tight leash because they terrify her. Having been deeply hurt by her father's abandonment while so young, she is unable to love, to trust any man--until Gabriel comes into her life. Gabriel  is confident, a man who grew up knowing the love of both of his parents--until their sudden deaths in an automobile accident when he was eighteen, so he also knows how precious love is. He wants it again, and he wants it with Chloe.

Getting her to trust him enough to let love bind them, well...that's half the story.

James: Gabriel and Dana

He walked into the hotel bar that evening, feeling a bit distracted. Make it an early evening, lad, he thought. Early flight tomorrow. He ordered a club soda from the bartender, and sat quietly at the bar to drink. Gabriel felt a small hand at his shoulder, and turned. The woman standing there warmly smiled at him, her green eyes shining with interest. She was a beautiful woman, with shoulder length dark blonde hair, tall and elegant. Tonight she was wearing a dark red cocktail dress that showed off her cleavage while retaining her sense of elegance. Her smile brightened.
       "Hello, darling," she greeted him.

       He couldn't help but smile. "Hello."
       "I'll have whatever he's having," she told the bartender. She looked at Gabriel again, and extended her hand in greeting. "Dana Butler," she introduced herself. He shook her hand, catching a hint of her perfume. Very nice.
       "Gabriel Miller," he informed her.
       "Gabriel Miller. I love it already."
       The bartender brought her a club soda. "Nice to meet you, Dana."
       "And it's a pleasure to meet you," she said, sitting beside Gabriel.
       "Do I know you from somewhere?" he asked, trying to remember.
       "I have seen you before. A few weeks ago, you were at the launch party for Vista."
       "The one that got called off early thanks to the fire alarm? Yes. You were there too?"
       Dana nodded. "Yes, as I said. I'm in the industry, darling. So then what about you?"
       "I'm a photographer. My agent dragged me kicking and screaming, so to speak."
       "Well, Gabriel, I did notice you," she remarked, setting a hand on his forearm. "You were the center of attention for three women. I felt like being the center of your attention. Not to mention taking you home and having my way with you for the rest of the evening."
       He lightly laughed. "Are you this forward with most men?"
       "Just the ones I find drop dead gorgeous," Dana replied.  

       Gabriel looked at her for a long moment. Six months ago he'd have taken her up on her flirtation instantly. He would have already been thinking of what she'd be like in bed, and just what she might look like out of that dress. Now, however, his thoughts were consumed with a woman he had yet to meet. She's not Chloe. "I'm flattered, really..."
       "But there's someone else." There was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.
       "Yes. There is. And it's a bit complicated," Gabriel softly said.
       "Oh, God, you're gay, aren't you?" Now she sounded annoyed.
       "No, I'm not," he replied, trying not to smile. "This is a woman."
       "Who is she? I'll fight her for you," Dana declared with a smirk.
       That was enough to get another laugh out of him. "Oh really?"
       "Or if you prefer, I could join the two of you in bed sometime. Really, I'd go for some girl on girl action if it meant getting you in the process." She winked, her eyes amused. "Oh well, Gabriel. Whoever she is, she's a lucky woman." She leaned over, and lightly kissed him on the cheek. "And if it doesn't work out between you two, I'm the fashion editor at Worldwide. You know where to find me." She finished her drink, and stepped up to her feet. "Good night, Gabriel. Pleasant dreams. I know I'll have pleasant dreams wondering what you're like in bed." She winked again, and headed off. He watched her go, smiled to himself, and wished her well, all the while wishing it had been Chloe instead, sharing his company.

James: Of Fencing And Other Poking

I was going to write about other things today, but that can wait. 

Scarlett and I were brainstorming ideas, talking about fencing. The sport, of course. Not setting up a fence around your yard. Quiet, you.
Chloe, by habit, is a fencer. We've already established that, and we're at a point writing where she's going to bring her habit up to Gabriel. He'll be intrigued, looking into the sport himself. And there will come a point later on in the novel, where the two are sparring... and there'll be an accident.
Let me say right here that I was joking about the idea, but Scarlett really went with it, and now we're definitely going to write it in. I'll only add that Gabriel's going to need a bit of hospital time after getting stabbed (or slashed). And I suspect Chloe's going to be horribly embarrassed.
Oddly enough, the idea really works. It ties into where we're taking these two, and it gives them a strange way of intimacy. Even if Gabriel's going to have a problem sitting down for a few days.

James: Steaming

Saving this in here; it's something I wrote, and we're using at least elements of this for our book:

The house is quiet as she steps inside, and she sees his coat in the entry. She smiles, taking off her coat and shoes, walking down the hallway. She opens a door, finding the backroom, seeing the sauna they had put in. There's plenty of room in there for two; that was, after all, the point. The door is closed, and there's a light above the door. So, she thinks, he felt the need for steam. I think I'll join him. Her smile takes on a delighted, mischevious expression, and she backs out of the room, going up the staircase to their bedroom.
     She finds his clothes lying on a chair, and she takes off her own blouse and slacks, leaving them there, sliding out of her panties and bra, finding the bathrobe waiting in the closet. No need to give the neighbours an eyeful, she thinks, laughing to herself. She pulls on the robe, over her bare body, glancing in a mirror briefly, admiring the view before tying the robe. Descending the stairs, she feels a heady rush, thinking of the man she loves, of the two years they've been together. She walks back to the room, to the sauna, pausing at the door. No time like the present, she thinks, opening the door. The heat of the sauna greets her.
     He's sitting on the bench inside, a towel wrapped around his waist, his chest bare, his eyes closed. "Hello there, handsome," she greets her lover, taking in the view of his chest, feeling the arousal start to build inside. He opens his eyes, seeing her, and flashes that warm smile she loves.
     "Hello, beautiful," he replies, his eyes twinkling with delight.
     "Care for some company?" she asks, arching an eyebrow.
     "Oh, definitely," he answers, standing up, moving closer.
     She closes the door behind her, and wraps her arms around him, feeling his arms come around her. Their lips meet, lightly brushing first as a kiss, and then opening for each other. Her tongue probes into his mouth, finding his tongue, and her hands move down from his bare, wet back to the towel, stroking over his butt. She can feel him getting hard, even through the towel and her own robe, and it matches her own desire. Having his hands wander over her back only heightens the experience. She pulls away the towel, letting it drop to the floor of the sauna, and feels his hands removing her robe. She lets it slide off from her body, and moves closer, her bare skin against his, her breasts pressing close to his chest. Their hands roam over each other as they share deep, open kisses, and she pulls back briefly, looking into his dark eyes. "Putting in this sauna? That was a really good decision, love," she says with a delighted grin.
     She smiles to herself, luxuriating in the warmth of the sauna, and the arms of her lover. He's seated behind her, his legs flanking her legs. His hands slowly roam over her chest, while her fingers explore the muscles of his legs. His lips brush up against her neck, his soft kisses sending her into a wave of pleasure. He knows how much I love being kissed there, she thinks, feeling even more aroused, feeling the hardness of his erection against her back.
     His fingers move upward, sliding over the curves of her breasts, slowly stroking each nipple, and she groans softly in response, her hands gripping his legs. "Oh, God..." she whispers softly, arching her head back against his shoulder. He responds by dropping one hand downward, between her legs. She feels him now, sliding two fingers inside, into the moistness of her pussy. She's already wet, partially from the sauna, and partially from her own desire. She groans again, enjoying the feeling of his fingers inside her, stroking and caressing, driving her ever closer.
     "Having fun?" he asks, his other hand caressing her breasts, his lips peppering her neck and right shoulder with kisses. A soft sigh of pleasure is all the answer he needs. The things he does to me, she thinks, delighted.
     "I... I need you inside me," she says, turning her head, meeting his lips with hers, kissing him.
     "At least part of me is inside you," he says with a smirk that results in her giving him a pout.
     "You know what I mean," she says, and smiles back, kissing him passionately. She feels his fingers withdraw from inside her, and she shifts position, turning back towards him. Now moving her legs to wrap around him, she feels him slide inside her, his cock swelling inside, and she groans in pleasure. "Oh, God," she moans, as they begin to find their rhythm together. He bends his head downward, his lips kissing her breasts, lingering on the nipples. Another place I love having kissed by him, she thinks, revelling in being joined to him, body and soul. He looks into her eyes, and as they move in unison, grinding and thrusting, driving each other ever closer to the edge, she smiles deeply, kissing him again, feeling his tongue stroking against hers.
     He pulls back from the kiss, looking her in the eyes again. She's a bit puzzled, even as she continues to find herself even closer to her own orgasm. He's quiet for a moment, and then asks, "Would you... would you marry me?" 
     "You're asking me that now?" she replies, utterly startled.
     "Yes, I am, because I want to.... marry you," he says.
     "Your timing is.... Ohhhhhhhh, yessssss," she groans.
     "Is that a yes, or an oncoming orgasm?" he asks her with a half smile.
     "A little... of both," she tells him, throwing her head back, feeling herself coming ever closer.
     "I love you... you love me... and I want us," he says, close to his own climax. "If you'll have me."
     "I'm already having you," she says, arching an eyebrow, smirking. "And the answer is yes."
     "Thank you," he says, thrusting into her, throbbing, very close now. She feels him climax inside her, and she gasps with pleasure, feeling his hands around her, feeling him continue to thrust, driving her towards the edge of bliss. I'm so close, she thinks, her last concious thought before her body tightens up, her mind going blank.
     "Ohhhhhhhh, yesssss!!!" she cries out as her orgasm comes over her in a wave. Her legs tighten around him, her fingers clutching his back, and he pulls her closer, kissing her shoulders, her throat, as she slowly starts to come down from her climax. She looks into his eyes, kissing him deeply, and smiles in a very happy way. "So... if we have kids someday, how are we going to explain how you proposed to me?"

     The flames in the fireplace illuminate the living room, and the couple lie together on the rug, spooning together, her back against his chest, his arms around her. A pair of empty wine glasses lie nearby, and a plate of cheese and crackers is close at hand. They were hungry, and so food was the order of the day. She smiles as he kisses the side of her neck, feeling his right hand caressing her breasts. And she also feels the hardness of his erection against her butt. His own arousal matches hers; she wants as much of him as she can have. His hands move now, massaging her shoulders, and she moans softly, enjoying his touch. He's always been good with his hands, she thinks with delight, savouring him, closing her eyes. He can make me climax just by massaging me, she reflects. Which he's done before, she remembers pleasantly. His fingers knead into her skin, gentle yet firm, and she can't get enough of it. Finally she speaks. "You know... that was pretty sneaky of you. Proposing while we were that close to orgasms."
     She looks over her shoulder at him, seeing his smile. It's the same smile she fell so madly in love with, the twinkle in the eyes.... Damn, that smile is enough to make me wet. "Sneaky? Me?" he asks, his expression that mock-innocent one he uses from time to time.
     "Yes, you," she tells him, pursing her lips in mock annoyance. She turns over, kissing him passionately, feeling his tongue against hers, feeling his right hand travel over her left breast, the fingers touching the taut nipple. Oh, God... this is where I belong, she thinks, feeling a sense of joy, of bliss.
     He pulls out of the kiss, gazing into her eyes. "It was the right moment, love. I want us. I want to grow old with you. You're all I've ever wanted." His smile is warm, loving, and true. She gasps softly. When did I get lucky enough to have him? When did he get lucky enough to have me?
     "Nicely said," she tells him with a smirk, kissing him again, feeling the flood of desire fill her, feeling him kissing her throat, moving lower, to her breasts, his lips and tongue exploring, making contact with each bit of skin, her nipples ever more taut and ready. Oh, God.... she thinks. "Wait." She moves against him, turning him over on his back, gazing down his body, her hand moving to his erect cock, fingers closing around the shaft. "I want you... in my mouth."
    He smiles, nods, and says, "If you'll let me do the same." He reaches over, touching her hip, his fingers moving to her pubic hair, touching the outer lips of her pussy. A wave of arousal fills her, and she knows what he's after. She shifts position, lying on top of him, her breasts against his stomach, facing his cock. She can feel him kissing her inner thighs, his hands moving around to wrap around her lower back, and then his tongue slides inside her. She groans with delight at the contact.
    Time to reciprocate, she thinks, kissing and licking him, and then closing her mouth around his cock. Her hands rub over his legs as she sucks and licks at him, stimulating him, while his tongue drives deep inside her pussy, stroking and licking the wetness of her. It won't be long, she thinks. For both of us. She feels his body throb, his cock pulsing with anticipation in her mouth as she moves her tongue, and her own body is on fire, a blissful, explosive orgasm not far off.
    And then he reaches his climax, and she tastes him as he comes. He's sweet, wet, and thick. She's long since developed a great appreciation for how he tastes, and she greedily licks and swallows, not able to get enough. And even though he's climaxing, he keeps up steadily with his own tongue inside her, driving her ever closer. Some guys would just give up after getting off, she thinks, appreciative. Oh, God, he's got me so close.... She continues to lick his cock, swallowing and drinking him, not wanting to withdraw.
    Her body clenches, tightening up, and she can feel his grasp on her ass tighten, his fingers kneading into her. The orgasm hits, and she pulls her head back, gasping in pleasure as his tongue drives her over the edge. "Oh, yesssssss!!" she cries out in joy, his tongue devouring her, sending her into waves of pleasure. "Oh, God!!" Finally she feels herself subside, and her breathing slows down. She feels his head move back, his tongue leaving her, and she kisses his cock once more, turning her body around, lying on top of him, finding his lips, kissing him deeply. "Now that's a hell of a way to celebrate an engagement."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James: Pleasure

He walked into his room in the inn, his mind swirling with thoughts of her. Gabriel smiled to himself at the very idea of Chloe, of the images she had brought up in his mind as they had talked earlier. And had phone sex. He shook his head, couldn't get the thoughts out, and really wouldn't have wanted to. He wondered how much fun she'd had tormenting him, knowing he couldn't quite let himself get carried away, not in a public place. At the same time, he'd had fun too. I'll just have to do the same thing with her, get her completely aroused when she's in a public place sometime. Something to consider.
       He put the do not disturb sign on the outside of the door, and locked it. Glancing around the room, he saw the bed, and the thought of Chloe again ran through his mind. In that tub. All on her own, her naked body beneath the suds... he wanted to be there, to strip off his clothes, to join her in the heat of the water. He wanted to explore her, to taste every inch of her. Damn, what she's doing to me... He set down his camera bag, taking off his jacket. God, Chloe, just the sound of your voice makes me want you all the more.

      Gabriel pulled off his shirt, looking at the bed, imagining her there, her eyes beckoning, her body bare and inviting. I don't even know what she looks like, but I know I want her. I've never wanted anyone like I want her. Unconciously he unbuckled his belt, removing his jeans, then his boxers. Peeling off his socks, he moved to the bed, settling down on the mattress, thinking of her here with him. As his fingers slid over the hardness of his cock, he imagined it was her fingers, soft and smooth, stroking him and driving him onwards. Chloe... I want you here with me. I can feel you. His mind flashed; he could feel himself with her, nuzzling her breasts, kissing the taut nipples, feeling her squeeze his cock between her breasts, driving him ever closer...
Chloe... you're so incredible. I need to be inside you... immersed in you. He groaned now as he pumped his cock, bringing himself ever closer, his mind entirely on her. In his mind, she was straddling him, and opening herself to him. He slid inside her, feeling himself go deep, filling her, expanding within her. He could even hear her sighs and groans. Oh God... He moaned, stiffening, feeling himself climax, feeling the warm liquid spill out over his stomach. Oh, God... Chloe.... Gabriel smiled deliriously. If she can do this to me just by the sound of her voice... I'm completely lost to her. And I like being completely lost to her.

Scarlett: Afterglow

Chloe's head was spinning. She lay back, gripping the sides of the large claw-footed tub to keep from slipping underwater. She gave a little laugh. That's it, idiot, she thought, drown in the throes of orgasm.

Gabriel made her crazy with his deep, sexy voice and wonderful Irish accent. He could take her places with his voice, his words that no other man had ever taken her when they were in bed with her. She got aroused at the sound of his voice. She reached orgasm as he spoke, telling her what he wanted to do to her.

She'd never had an orgasm with any other man.

She imagined what it would be like to have him here with her, holding her, touching her. She imagined the feel of his body, strong and hard, enveloping her as she lay back against him...his arms around her...his fingers, exploring her.

She closed her eyes and imagined his hands on her naked body..she fondled her breasts, gently pinching her nipples and wished he was doing it. She imagined his lips on her, kissing, nuzzling...her neck was so sensitive, just the thought drove her wild. The thought of him...yes...only him...kissing, caressing.

Oh, yes, Gabriel, she whispered. I want you, I do. God help me, I want to be there with you...I want you to do those things to me....
Her hand moved down, over her belly, down between her legs. There it was...her "sweet spot," already swollen with desire She touched it and immediately started to tremble. In her mind, her hand was on his, guiding him, showing him where she wanted to be touched. He knew what she liked, what she needed. He was rubbing her there, driving her crazy. Her fingers moved harder, faster, until she was gasping. "Oh, Gabriel!" she cried out, almost slipping underwater once again in ecstasy.

She was lightheaded when she finally managed to get out of the tub and wrap herself in a thick towel. She didn't get dressed right away. Instead, she got on the bed and curled up in a fetal position, wishing he was there with her, wanting more than anything else for him to just hold her....

James: Getting Teased

A passage from the book; Scarlett's second half will follow in awhile:
The light's not quite right, Gabriel thought to himself, scanning the clouds hanging over the Lake District. He was high on a hillside, a lake below, waiting for a break in the clouds, for some sunshine to illuminate the slopes and the lake below. His camera was set up close by on the tripod, and he quietly sat on the short stone wall near the walking path. Patience, lad. Patience. His phone rang, breaking the quiet of the late afternoon, and he reached into the pocket of his jacket, taking it out. "Hello?"
         Chloe's voice greeted him, soft and seductive. "Hello yourself." He smiled at the sound, wondering how a woman he hadn't met could have such an effect on him. Her voice was like a spark, filling him inside, and drawing him close. "What are you up to?" she asked.

         "I'm doing some photographing. If the light cooperates. I'm staying at an inn out in the Lake District," Gabriel explained. And I wish you were here with me right now, he didn't say, but smiled nonetheless. If you were here, we wouldn't be talking. We'd have our hands all over each other.
         "In England? Is it lovely?" she asked, her voice retaining that flirtatious tone.
         Not as lovely as the sound of your voice, he thought. "That it is," he told her.
         "I've never been to the Lake District. London, yes, but not that way," Chloe remarked.
         By all means... come on out here. Take a flight. We can stay in the inn for a week. Be naked and in each others' arms all week. Get to know every inch of each others' bodies. The thought startled him. He could envision it, naked between the sheets with her, legs interwined, bodies responding... Gabriel gasped slightly, felt the bulge at his crotch. Damn... just the thought of her drives me crazy. Makes me want her even more. He broke the silent moment by asking, "So how are you spending your Saturday? What are you doing?"
        "Right now? Taking a bath," she answered matter of factly. He could hear it; she was on speaker, and there was the sound of someone in the water. "All by my lonesome. Nice, hot water and candles. Everything a girl could want. Except for a bit of company."
        Gabriel closed his eyes, imagining her, in the hot water, soap and bubbles barely hiding her breasts, a flirty smile on her lips, her eyes full of want and lust and need... Chloe, you're driving me crazy. Fortunately I really like that. "A bit of company?" he asked, deciding to push a little. "Is there room in the tub for two?"
        "Plenty of room, lover," Chloe promised. There was the sound of dripping water, a cloth. "I'm running a cloth over my shoulders. Thinking of you, wondering what it would be like having you do that for me. Tell me what you'd do, Gabriel."
        I'd be over the edge right about now if I was in the tub with you, he thought. Instead he spoke. "I'm there in the tub with you. You're sitting between my legs. Your back is against my stomach. We're there together. My arms are around you. You feel good."
        "I like that," Chloe said. He could practically hear her smile, heard a soft sigh. "I'm letting my hands run over your legs in the water. I like how they feel. I like feeling that hard cock at my back. I'm turned on too, Gabriel." 
         I'm pretty hard right now, Chloe. Even being seperated from you by thousands of miles, he thought, glancing down. Damn, I'm glad no one's passing by right about now. "I love the way you feel," he said, hearing a soft moan on the line. "I'm letting my fingers knead your breasts. Your nipples are hard. And so ready for me. You feel so good. Can you feel me touching you?"
        "God, yes," Chloe said. He could hear some movement on the line, wondering if she was stroking her breasts, going with the moment. God help me if I start pleasuring myself here and now and someone comes along. At least she's got the privacy of home! He smiled to himself, zipping up his jacket now. At least the length of the jacket would offer a certain amount of concealment. "Keep talking, Gabriel."
         "You're so ready. Both of us are. I reach one hand down your stomach, below the water. I can feel you. I'm sliding my fingers inside you. You feel so good. So stretched. So aroused. I want all of you. I want to be inside you. Immersed in you. I'm kissing your neck. Does that feel good?"
          "Oh, yes, it does." Her voice had a raspy sound. "I can feel your fingers. You're stroking inside me. You're driving me closer to the edge. But I want your cock inside me when we come. I want it so much." A moment's pause, and then she continued. "You withdraw your fingers. I'm shifting in the tub. I'm straddling you, Gabriel. You're so hard, and you slide right into me. Deep inside, filling me. It feels soooo good."
           He was as hard and aroused as he could possibly be. His mind was filled with the images of being with her, in that tub, joined to her, not knowing where he left off and she began. "Yes, it does," he softly told her. "I'm thrusting into you. We're moving together. I can feel your heartbeat against my chest. Both of us are groaning, Chloe. We're both close."
           "We are," she said. "I can feel your body stiffening. I know you're going to come. I'm so close too. I feel you erupt inside me. It feels really good. Tell me it's good for you, Gabriel. Tell me."
           "Oh, God, it is, Chloe." He looked around, wondering if anyone was close. How the hell do I explain this to a passerby? The thought brought out a smile. "I'm still thrusting into you. I want you to come. I want you to cry out. I can feel you tremble in my arms. You cry out."
         "It hits me. A toe-curling, mind bending orgasm. You've taken me there, Gabriel. It feels so good. I collapse against you, feel your arms around me. I'm kissing you. Your tongue is stroking mine." There was a long moment of silence, and a throaty laugh. "So was it good for you too?"
            That's a vast understatement, he thought with a smile. "God, yes," he replied. "Yes, it was." And right about now, getting back to that inn and my room, and indulging myself in that fantasy sounds just what I need.
             "Good." She paused again. "Well. Far be it from me to want to have you get arrested for public exposure, lover. I'm free to indulge myself. You're going to have to wait until you're somewhere a lot less public."
             He laughed, enjoying her teasing. "So noted, sweetness. By all means then. Indulge yourself. And I'll be thinking of you when I do the same." He glanced around, back down towards the lake. Suddenly the urgency of taking a picture didn't seem to matter. Not when he had this incredible woman taking him so close to the edge.
            "I'm fully expecting you to think of me, Gabriel. Just do yourself a favor. When you're getting towards that inn, you might want to walk with something in front of your crotch. I'm just saying."
            He laughed. "I'll do that." He paused for a moment. "I'll talk to you later?"
            "You'd better. Otherwise I'll have to come to England and have my way with you."
            It was provocative, daring. He decided to take her up on it. "By all means, do so."
            "All things in good time, lover. In good time." She ended the call, and he turned off his phone, placing in in his jacket. He'd give himself some time before moving. Yes, it wouldn't do to walk back into the village with an enormous erection. It wouldn't do at all.

Scarlett: What A Character!

James wrote about intimacy in his last post. I think I'll talk about character. If the reader doesn't care about the characters in a novel, they're not going to care about what happens to them. Obviously.
Chloe's a character I think a lot of women can identify with. She's in her mid-thirties, a smart, ambitious lady with everything going for her...except the right man with whom to share her life. But Chloe is not like most of us in that she has serious relationship and trust issues. Her father left her and her mother when she was just seven years old. That's an emotional scar that has yet to heal. She gets involved with men who are all wrong for her, and the relationships never last. The pattern repeats itself, over and over.
Chloe is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Like a princess in a fairy tale, Chloe needs a prince to rescue her. Enter Gabriel--also in his mid-thirties, a good-looking blond Irishman who's also familiar with loss. Unlike Chloe, he's looking to fill the void in his heart. And ladies, this man's a keeper! James has told me about a scene he plans to write in which another woman hits on Gabriel while his relationship with Chloe is still strictly online. He has the opportunity for a free ride, there's zero chance of him getting caught, and still he says no. He's intrigued by a woman he's never met, so that he turns down surefire sex.
Reality check: how many men do you know who would do that?
Personally, I think she should marry him. But Chloe being Chloe, she'll still balk.
James has suggested that Chloe should propose to James in the end. On one hand, I think this would be very difficult for her, given her history. On the other, it would definitely make a statement as to how far she's come, and how much she loves this man.
What do you all think?

James: On Intimacy

I think I'll write today about intimacy.
Scarlett and I have been writing Gabriel and Chloe making their first tentative steps towards each other, and we've already established an odd sort of emotional link between them. I say odd, because they're reaching out to each other despite an early misunderstanding, and despite not being face to face.
It's an emotional kind of intimacy, and it works. As we go along, the intimacy will be different, of course. Sometimes intimacy can be about foreplay, or during sex. More often then not, it's simply being in the moment. Things like holding hands while walking together. A soft voice in the night. Holding each other and knowing you fit together. A kiss in a favourite spot. Like the neck. Or the small of the back. A massage.
And it can show up at the unlikeliest time. We're working with an idea about sickness, and about one of our pair nursing the other back to health. Can you have intimate moments when the person you want happens to be throwing up? Oddly, it can be done.
Of course (and thanks to Julianne for the idea) how about intimacy at a point in time where Chloe is after sex, and Gabriel is trying to prove a point by not having sex? That's something we're going to have a whole lot of fun with, believe me...

Scarlett: The Power of Doubt

Where to begin...James has written about teasing, and so incredibly good at it he is. I think I shall focus on something quite different this time.
It's been said that women look for men who remind them of their fathers. The so-called experts also say that a child of a broken home will tend to have commitment issues. That's Chloe. Her father left when she was seven years old and never looked back. She never heard from him again, didn't know what happened to him. She never understood why he left her. So now, in her adult relationships, she has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. She expects those relationships to fail, and so they do. In fact, Chloe has always had a tendency to choose men who are completely unsuited to her--like the notorious Rat Bastard, who is indirectly responsible for her meeting and falling in love with Gabriel.
It's a long story.
The trouble is, even though Gabriel is the right man for her, and she falls deeply in love with him, Chloe is afraid. She believes that once they discard the anonymity that has shielded her throughout their wild and crazy sex games, he will reject her, just as her father did. When Gabriel proposes they meet face-to-face, Chloe postpones that meeting twice, leading Gabriel to believe she does not take their relationship as seriously as he does. He has no way of knowing that it's fear that drives her to withdraw, not a lack of interest.
What can Gabriel do to make her trust him?

James: Teasing



It can be a very sexy word, when used right.
Scarlett and I are writing Chloe and Gabriel's initial contact online at the moment, and it's coming together (double entendre intended) perfectly well. Yes, I know, you've all seen that cherry cordial scene we copied, so you know where it's going. Bear with me.
It seems our Chloe is finding herself in a foot-in-her-mouth moment, and Gabriel is having a bit of fun at her expense. Embarrassment and red cheeks must ensue (not that kind of red cheeks, how dare you even think of what I was thinking!) And so with this, the game's afoot, as Holmes might say.
Well, to make a long story short, teasing leads to flirting, even with Chloes' reprehensible taste in pop music. Yes, that's right. Reprehensible. How else can we describe the man who brought Mandy into the world?

About that cherry cordial....

Scarlett and I are giving a preview scene of our pair; the first part is her writing, the second is mine:
“Do you like cherry cordials?” Chloe asked.
Gabriel lay supine on the bed, naked, his arms folded behind his head. “As a matter of fact, I do,” he said.
“Good.” she took off her mauve silk robe and sat on the bed next to him. “These are the best,” she told him, taking one from a box on the nightstand. She fed it to him. “Liquid centers. Much better than that sugary crap.”
“I’d rather eat you.” He reached for her, but she pulled away.
“Ladies first,” she told him with a wicked smile. She took a piece of the candy and bit into it. Then she held it out as if offering it to him, but instead allowed the sweet liquid to trickle down over his neck.
“Hey!” he laughed.
She lowered her head, licking it off him. She liked the taste and texture of his flesh better than the liquid. She liked everything about him: his scent, the coarseness of the hair on his chest, the firm muscles of his shoulders, arms, abdomen, his long legs. She wanted to taste every part of this man who’d captivated her long before she’d even seen his face.
How did this happen? she wondered. How had he gotten past the wall she’d erected around her heart? How had he managed to get into the deepest part of her soul?
She tried to shut out the feelings that demanded to be acknowledged. She focused on his body, his delicious body. Can’t feel, she told herself. The sex is good. That’s enough. Feelings will ruin everything. If I tell him, he’ll leave. It’s better this way.
He tried again to take her in his arms, but she resisted. “No,” she told him. As much as she wanted that, wanted him to hold her and tell her everything would be all ht, she kept her attention on his body. She kept kissing him, licking him all over…his shoulders…his chest…his flat, firm abdomen…his groin….
He was erect, ready to take her. She wanted him inside her. She wanted to be joined to him in every way. But no…she couldn’t. As long as she didn’t allow herself to love him, he would stay. If she told him, he would bolt. He would leave her.
She pulled away. “What’s wrong?” Gabriel asked.
“Nothing,” she said, avoiding eye contact. She took another cordial from the box and took a small bite from it. Then she allowed the liquid center to run down over his penis. Impulsively, she kissed him full on the mouth, pushing the cherry from her mouth to his. Then her attention returned to his cock. She started licking it, licking the sweet fluid off it, her tongue moving up the shaft as she caressed his balls. She kissed it, licked it, then took it into her mouth and sucked on it. She could feel the tip of it at the back of her throat. He was ready, he was about to reach orgasm…and he abruptly withdrew.
He was pulling her up by her shoulders. She was on top on him, he was holding her there, pushing himself into her…she was impaled on his cock, and he was coming fast. Her head was spinning. She’d wanted him to do it in her mouth. She wanted to swallow it.
He let out a sound that almost sounded like a roar as his orgasm came. She felt her own orgasm at that same moment, and it was a wild, dizzying feeling that took her by surprise. She hadn’t even allowed him to fondle her. How….
Gabriel pulled her into his arms and held her close, stroking her hair. She whimpered softly against his chest, wanting to run, yet wanting to stay there with him indefinitely.
What am I going to do? Chloe asked herself.

Gabriel held Chloe close, his arms wrapped around her back, feeling her bare body pressed close to his. Her leg was draped over him, and her head rested beneath his chin. We fit so well together. The thought lingered there in his mind, a fact that he found comforting. At the same time, he wondered where this was going. The way we first came together? Would she even want more? He could feel himself grow hard, beneath her thigh, and heard a throaty chuckle out of her.
“Feel up for more?” Chloe asked him.
“I’m game if you are,” he replied.
She kissed him, her tongue probing against his, and moved her lips down his chin, his throat, back to his chest. Oh, God… the things she does to me. Her lips moved lower, down his stomach, to his groin. He looked down, saw her smile at his erect cock. Then she made her move. Her lips brushed up against the tip, driving him into a groan of pleasure, and she kissed and licked her way down the underside of the shaft, to his balls. Each kiss and lick sent him into a delirious state. “Oh, yesss.…” he moaned.
“Like that?” she asked. Her tongue stroked back up the length of his cock, and her mouth enveloped him. Gabriel groaned in anticipation and bliss as she sucked at his cock, as her tongue stroked and caressed the shaft. Her hands moved out over his stomach, up his chest, and he found his own hands reaching down, one touching her hands, another running through her tousled hair. Chloe kept sucking at him, driving him ever closer, and he could feel it coming. Oh God… what she’s doing to me…
He groaned again, his body tightening up, just in time. As he climaxed, he cried out. “Oh, God!!” Gabriel felt himself come, felt himself hit the top, and Chloe kept sucking at him, her tongue stroking, swallowing the thick warmth of him, seemingly not getting enough of him. Gradually, he felt himself subsiding, and she slowed herself, licking at a more leisurely pace.
Finally, she was done, withdrawing from him, smiling deliriously at him. “If I haven’t mentioned this before, I love the way you taste when you come.”
He smiled too, pulling her up into his arms. They kissed each other once more, their bodies urgent, their hands exploring and fondling. He rolled her over onto her back, moving on top of her, gazing down at her. My God, she is so beautiful, he thought. She smiled at him, and he glanced over at the nearby nightstand, seeing the cordials still there, still waiting. He kissed her once more, moving downward, his lips peppering her chin and throat with kisses. Reaching for the cordials, Gabriel took one, biting it open. He let the liquid drain out between them, between the swell of her breasts. “Turnabout is fair play, you know,” he remarked.
She smiled blissfully, and he lowered his head, licking the sweetness of the liquid off her flesh. I could do this forever…He moved his lips up to her left breast, letting his left hand stroke and caress her right breast. Her nipple came under his lips, and he kissed and sucked, his teeth lightly nibbling. A soft cry of pleasure came out of her at that, and he moved lower. Now his kisses traveled over the flat stomach, and his body shifted lower. Her legs spread wide for him, and he turned his attention first to her inner thighs, his lips kissing each in turn. Gabriel glanced up, seeing Chloes’ eyes close briefly, her face an expression of joy. He moved his lips ever closer, first brushing against the sparse pubic hair. Her scent… it’s intoxicating.
He smiled again, his hands moving beneath her, shifting her butt slightly, pushing her up. And so he moved in. His lips kissed her along the outside of her pussy, and he heard her moan softly. And then he drove his tongue inside her pussy. She was already moist, either from their first orgasm of the evening, or working her way towards the second, and the taste of her was more than enough to get him hard. His tongue drove deep into her, licking and caressing her inner walls. Chloe gasped, her legs traveling over him, one leg hitching around his hip, another one wrapping around his back. Another sigh, and he knew she was close. His tongue continued to stimulate, to drive her ever closer, and he couldn’t get enough of her, his lips enveloping her, wanting this to last forever.
“Oh God!! Gabriel….yesss…” Chloe gasped. Her body clenched, as if bracing for what was to come, and she reached down, her hands stroking his unruly hair. “Ohhhhh, God!!!” she cried out as she climaxed. He licked deep, drinking of the moistness of her, addicted to her. Her groans and sighs continued as he licked, and finally, as she slowed down, he withdrew, gazing up at her. She was smiling blissfully at him, and he made his way up to her, kissing her deeply, feeling her arms come around him. “Thank you,” she said, catching her breath.
“Thank you,” he said, kissing her again. He settled against her, his head resting against her upper right breast, kissing the bare flesh. I wasn’t looking for this, he thought to himself. But this is where I belong.