Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Not An Early Start

Today we're picking up right where we left off last week between our supporting characters Olivia and Rachel...

They were silent for a moment. “Early start tomorrow?”
“No, not unless someone goes into labor overnight.”
Saying that is one sure fire way to make it happen.” Olivia turned around in her lover’s arms, met her lips, and kissed her. She felt lucky, to have Rachel, to be building a future with her. The thought of a disease coming in, taking her away… No, she thought, giving herself to Rachel, letting her hands wander. And then she thought no more of illness, only of the woman she shared her life with.


  1. Developing supporting characters like this have been good for the writing process for us. Rachel and Olivia are fun to write.

  2. Great snippet--you've shown the closeness between them.


  3. Wonderful snippet -- sweet and tender. I really care about these two.

  4. love the pic ... beautiful snippet!